Some of Zeke’s Favorite Things

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A Wet Run

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Zeke’s face is clearly saying “why haven’t you let me inside yet”. 4 miles done in a soaking, windy rain. It took 3 towels to dry him off. My apartment still smells like damp dog, but I love it, it’s a comforting smell to me.

Made a new friend, Ava, while running in the park. She is a fiveish year old pit mix, the color of cinnamon. She & her owner seemed to enjoy being out in the rain as much as we did. The man had no umbrella and was soaked through, rain dripping from both of our baseball caps. He gave a deep hearty laugh when I told him my dog’s name was Zeke. Said it reminded him of his dad who used to say something like, How’s it going to Zeke? to anyone he met (;

It’s Day 29 of my running streak& I’m going strong, feeling good despite the beginnings of a cold.

Check back soon for a review of a new puzzle feeder I bought for Zeke. It’s a great price, made in the USA, & Zeke LOVES it. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!!!

When Your Dog Falls Asleep Writing Christmas Cards…

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2 days ago was Gotcha Day!

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We have now had Zeke for 5 years and 2 days! Love him more all the time.


BTW we are still streaking! Aside from 2 or 3 days each week that I do a mile on the treadmill Zeke’s been on every run with me. Today marks 3 weeks straight.

Messing Around at the Dog Park

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Gone Streaking

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Zeke is helping me complete the Runners World holiday streak where you run a minimum of a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. We started a day early so today is day 8 for us. He’s only skipped 3 days where I ran the minimum mile on a treadmill, otherwise he will be at every run with me! Today’s 4 miler was dark and dreary but it was kind of fun and peaceful too. We stopped for a doggy photo session.




Zeke’s Day (summed up in 3 pictures)

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5.5 mile run


An hour of play with young DeeDee


One sleepy pup