Zeke’s 6th birthday

June 1 was Zeke’s designated birthday day. He turned 6! We spent 2 nights camping in the Catskills at a beautiful, dog friendly state campground, North/South Lake. We hiked, we ran, we played fetch in the lake, we explored, we narrowly avoided getting quilled by a porcupine, we ate, we slept, we rolled in the grass. And of course on the way home we looked up an awesome dog park to stop at. Zeke partied hard!


~ by manicivy on June 3, 2016.

2 Responses to “Zeke’s 6th birthday”

  1. Happy birthday Zeke! Porcupines are scary. I’m terrified Kobi will run into one. I’m happy Zeke avoided that encounter. Looks like a great birthday celebration.

  2. Happy birthday, Zeke! Looks like you had a fabulous day – I love your stunning photos!

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