Gone Streaking

Zeke is helping me complete the Runners World holiday streak where you run a minimum of a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. We started a day early so today is day 8 for us. He’s only skipped 3 days where I ran the minimum mile on a treadmill, otherwise he will be at every run with me! Today’s 4 miler was dark and dreary but it was kind of fun and peaceful too. We stopped for a doggy photo session.





~ by manicivy on December 2, 2015.

2 Responses to “Gone Streaking”

  1. Absolutely epic! That second picture especially -those eyes! Maybe a husky-mutt might be the thing for dog #3….
    Also, congrats on your streak – keep it up!
    Do you remember last year posting a small clip of Zeke running with sleigh bells? You inspired me to get some for my lads this year 🙂

    • Yes!! I just found the sleigh bells collar in the “everything dog drawer” he’s going to have to wear it every day now. I hope you will put pics of your boys on reddit!

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