Dog-Friendly Area #7: Palisades Park, NJ

This past week has been interesting. Due to the threat of Hurricane Joaquin my road trip and subsequent half marathon race was cancelled. Big BOOOOO. All that training and build up and then to have the race be cancelled was pretty disappointing. Not to mention I can’t make the makeup race in 2 weeks. A few alternative options were given, but not sure I can partake since I would be travelling to VA from NY. So, I may be out $150. First time I have had to deal with not being able to run a race I trained hard for and it sucks.

I was pretty disappointed for several days but picked a local 5k to run to try and snap myself out of it. Ending up PR’ing by several minutes (my last certified course 5k was 2 years ago and that I did in 32 minutes.) Well this one I did in 27:19! My first thought was “I am awesome!!!” My second thought was, damn, imagine if i ran my half marathon feeling this good. =P We will never know…

In keeping with the trying to cheer myself up theme I went shopping, saw “The Martian”-excellent!!, and, today, the hubby actually agreed to go hiking at a new place with me. So we loaded up Zeke and headed out to Bear Mountain, NY. But…

we never made it! We were driving along the Palisades Parkway in Jersey and saw these “scenic outlook” stops. So we stopped at one & I hopped out with Zeke for some pics. We discovered there is a ton of hiking trails around, right between the parkway and the Hudson River! So we threw on Zeke’s pack and headed off to explore:

We took the most pictures on the little beach we stumbled upon but there was a lot of woods-y hiking and some steep climbs! We did about 5 miles and there is still so much more to see.

Review: plenty of parking, dogs allowed on leash, great scenery, bathrooms in certain spots, bring your own water. Only about a 30 minute drive from Queens but lots of tolls to pay, otherwise I would be there every weekend. Back by the car we took Zeke’s pack off and he started rolling in the grass on a little hill. He ended up rolling down and enjoyed it so much started doing it on purpose! Enjoy the video of this goofy dog:


~ by manicivy on October 6, 2015.

2 Responses to “Dog-Friendly Area #7: Palisades Park, NJ”

  1. Hey! I gotta try that. Next time we are out walking I’ll give it a go at our local hill and report back the results.


  2. That is pretty funny! Go Zeke!!

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