Winding Down with the Blog

My posts have been quite sporadic lately. I’ve tried to think up some ideas to keep me posting, like running the Queens Greenway last year and trying to hit a new park or dog-friendly area every week or so this year. It just didn’t happen. I still enjoy the occasional blogging and reading blogs even more. But life has had some interesting turns and I find myself really busy, in a good way! Now that my commute has gone from 2 hours a day to about 30 mins. I find myself with more time to spend with family, run, cook, etc. Less time watching TV, less eating out, less time just bumming around. It’s been a gradual change but has been really noticeable to me the last couple of months.

I have also noticed some gradual changes in Zeke. He is older now, an adult dog at 5 years. He is my first dog in my adult life. I’ve seen him go from a nervous, scared 7 month old to a crazy and wild with energy 2 year old, to, finally, a mature, confident, quirky at times adult. As he has aged I’ve noticed some things:

  • the biggest is energy level. He has endurance, he has speed, he has drive (while camping he played fetch nonstop in the river for almost 40 minutes and still wanted to continue…) but it is not that wild, chaotic adolescent energy. He does not pull everywhere, he is SO calm in the house, we walk him all the time in just a leash and his collar, no EZ walk harness needed. If we don’t run or take him to the dog park for a few days he does not destroy the house or constantly annoy us to do something. He is quite content with a long walk.
  • schedule. He really likes his schedule. We discovered that by taking him out for a quick walk to relieve himself in the summer evenings, feeding him, and waiting until dark to do our long walk, that his wierd summertime anxiety is GREATLY reduced. I almost exclusively walk him in the morning (as opposed to Doug) and we take the same general route, varying it a few blocks or so every day. We walk at least 30 minutes every morning. Doug feeds him his kibble 30 mins. later. Then we go to work and pick up with the evening schedule. On my weekends Zeke and I run together in the morning and have been going to the beach for some swimming/fetch once a week. The other day we do the dog park or a play date with his cousin, the boxer.
  • focused on us. Zeke still enjoys dog park trips, but usually after the first 10-15 minutes stops playing and starts hanging around Doug and myself. Most of the time he would rather play fetch with us than mingle with the other dogs. He enjoys, more so, the company of dogs he knows well as opposed to playing with new dogs. He enjoys meeting a new dog briefly but is more playful with those he has met previously (or puppies under 6 months!) This is a major reason I will be winding down with the blog, he is not as up to trying out new places as he used to be. Trails, yes! Beaches, yes! Obscure, country dog parks, yes! Heavily trafficked city dog parks, not so much. We have been sticking to our usual 4 dog parks, running routes, camping spots, etc. He still has quite the variety so I’m not too worried (;

With this being said, our adventures will continue!

I would still like to:

  • revisit the dog friendly B&B in Gettysburg, in winter, when there are no ticks!
  • continue running/canicrossing!!! Zeke still reeeeeally enjoys running and it is such a pleasure now that he is so well behaved. A dog-friendly race is a possibility if we can ever find one close to the city
  • go camping!!! This is Zeke’s FAVORITE THING. He sleeps for two days whenever we get home. We will definitely be back up to Vermont again this year. Possibly a Maine trip in the fall or next spring.
  • road trip- Zeke will be traveling with us to Virginia in the fall when I run my half-marathon. He has been there before but it will be his first time in a hotel. I WILL blog about that experience!
  • improve with dog scootering or bikejoring. Now that Zeke gets the concept of pulling me when I’m on wheels I would like to get my bike fixed and possibly bring the bike or scooter for day trips or when camping. Doug has even air-wheeled with Zeke a few times!
  • explore more hiking areas within an hour or two of the city.
  • try out new doggie gear
  • continue learning new tricks and desensitizing him to cats.
  • I consider feeding him a raw diet to be an adventure, every once in a while I find something new to feed him, I’m on the lookout for some new organ meat for him to try.

So I will keep this blog up and still post occasionally, especially with our running/outdoor adventures, but not as frequently as before, maybe once or twice a month. Zeke still has a long life ahead of him and getting a second dog is a real possibility as we would like for Zeke to teach a new dog some of his manners, behaviors, personality traits, etc. But most especially we want him to teach a dog THIS, because I have no idea how to train it, he did it all on his own, I just captured it and reinforced it:

Thanks for reading this post and following the blog!


~ by manicivy on August 12, 2015.

7 Responses to “Winding Down with the Blog”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful puppy!!

  2. Look forward to more Zeke/Daughter adventures!

  3. I love reading your blog – I’ll certainly miss it!
    That being said, I can’t believe the similarities in your description of Zeke’s new maturity and what I’m currently experiencing with Tom. He’ll be five next week, and I’m starting to think his proper running days are behind him and gone. It’s as though he just doesn’t want it anymore – like a big heavy blanket of calm has been draped over his back. As he’s grown up into a plodder, his running has dwindled down to just a mile a day – and I don’t think I’m going to get any more out of him. I’m sad for me – I love running with my boys – but happy he’s so comfortable in his life now.
    Like you with Zeke, I guess I just have to accept that he’s grown and changed and has different needs now.
    Dog number three, here we come!
    Hope to still see you around /r/RunningWithDogs 🙂

    • I think you phrased it perfectly! “Comfortable in his life,” that’s exactly it. It really is both sad and happy. Good luck with Dog#3! I still check Reddit every day!

      • I’ve not posted much on the sub for a few weeks (stupid real life getting in the way of my internet self…) but I check over the threads daily, and it’s great to see old friends there – I’d love to see Zeke’s gorgeous mug pop up from time to time!

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