NYC Dog-Friendly Area #6: Charles Park

It has a dog friendly beach. Going here once or twice a week has made Zeke into a swimmer dog! He loves it now. We bought my sister’s dog and she learned to swim watching him. Last week he chased the ball into the water literally 25 times. He has never swam so much and probably has never had so much fun.

So glad a dog walker friend of mine recommended this place. It’s about a 20 minute drive away, but has plenty of parking. There is a fenced ball field no longer used so people use it as a dog run. I usually put Zeke in their first to burn a little energy and then bring him to the beach on his 50foot leash. He’s been behaving beautifully there. There are water fountains all over and the beach/bridge views are amazing for being in the middle of the city. Can’t recommend this place enough.

4 PAWS!!!

~ by manicivy on July 12, 2015.

One Response to “NYC Dog-Friendly Area #6: Charles Park”

  1. Zeke looks pretty happy there! I remember when Kobi first learned to swim and how happy and surprised she looked at the same time! It must be so good for them too!!

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