NYC Dog-Friendly Area #7: Gardiner County Park

(If you’re really paying attention, I’ve skipped area #6 which we went to a couple weeks ago, I have to get together the pics for that one!)

Gardiner County Park is located on Long Island on Montauk Highway, about a 50 minute drive from NYC. We visited this park for the first time today after reading on Yelp that it has a dog friendly beach area and is, according to Rob B. who reviewed it, “might be the most dog friendly park with beach access in NY State.”

Accessibility: very easy to find and TONS of free parking in a lot: 4 paws

Dog friendliness: dogs on leashes allowed throughout entire park except for bathrooms and one picnic areapaws!

Scenery: beach & lake views plus well kept trail greenery 3 paws

Terrain type: dirt, sand, grass- a dog’s favorites 4 paws

Water Access: water fountains & beach access for your dog to swim 4 paws

Overall: 4 paws

As with any trail, be careful of poison ivy and ticks. And if you don’t want your dog to stink don’t take them to the beach area as it is covered in seaweed. The first thing Zeke did was hit the ground and start rolling. I don’t mind him smelling though.


~ by manicivy on June 16, 2015.

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