So I Have a Plantar Plate Tear…

…which is good news and bad news. Bad news that there was, indeed, something wrong with my foot. Good news in that it’s not a stress fracture and should heal (hopefully) in a couple weeks. I have an awesome podiatrist that my family has been seeing for years. He’s a runner too so he gets it. No matter what the symptoms, I’ve had a chipped bone, torn ankle ligaments, and now this obscure plantar plate tear and this doc always knows whats wrong within the first 30 seconds. He’s also slightly sadistic in that he pressed  a few places on my foot (I think to throw me off) and I responded, no pain there! And then he did a little smile and said how about…HERE. And whoosh I saw stars for a second. I guess my “discomfort” for the past few months really was pain that I had just grown accustomed to.

So back to the good news. I have a special wrapping on to relieve the pressure on my plantar plate (which is apparently a little ligament type thing on the bottom of your foot that keeps your toe in place, if you tear it enough the toe can actually slide out of place, yuck) . As soon as Doc had me stand up I felt like I had a new foot.wpid-20150610_194307.jpg

All that discomfort and feeling of walking with a marble under my foot disappeared. He even said I could do some very light running & working is ok since its actually safer to do activities with the wrapping on. I go for a check up in a week, I think he’ll bandage it another week, and then we evaluate from their. I’m also on some anti-inflammatories for 5 days. In the worst cases surgery is necessary but as long as my pain level improves week to week I can skip that part. It will take  a bit before it feels normal though.

Oh, and I can’t get the dang bandage wet. Which is hard when you work with sea lions. I’m hoping my wrapped foot will fit in my knee high rubber boots /=

It had been 13 days since Zeke and I ran so this morning at 7:30 we headed out and did about 2 miles of run/walking. Kept it nice and easy and beat the intense heat. Doug’s really stepped up and we’ve been taking Zeke to the dog park more often and giving him more frequent, if shorter, walks. It helps that its gotten hot out as Zeke is so not a summer dog and is content to laze about the apartment. Even at the dog park he’ll play for a few minutes and just stand around staring at me:


We are also keeping an eye on a little skin tag we found on Zeke’s leg. It’s about the size of a raisin and just sorta hangs there, hidden under his fur. We probably only noticed it now because Zeke has shed out all of his thick winter coat finally. He is so sleek now!wpid-20150611_114105.jpg

I thought it was a tick initially but its got some fur growing at the base of it. It doesn’t bother him and doesn’t look bad, but we’re going to check its size again in a few days and decide if it warrants a dreaded vet visit. Anybody ever find anything wierd growing on your dog? Was it serious? Did you have it removed?


~ by manicivy on June 11, 2015.

One Response to “So I Have a Plantar Plate Tear…”

  1. Bummer about your foot, but it sounds like it’s on it’s way to getting better. I haven’t found anything like that on Kobi, but my old cat has a wart-like thing on her neck. It hasn’t grown so we’re just leaving it alone.

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