Product Review: Kurgo’s K9 Excursion Running Belt

Spoiler Alert!!! This product is NOT on the market yet! But you don’t have to wait long, according to a Kurgo rep, it will be on the market in about a month.


We (Zeke & I) were sent this product early to help test it out and provide some feedback on it. After several runs using it I can say we give this product a solid 4 paw recommendation. The belt provides hands-free running by having two clips on either side to attach a leash/leashes to. It has a water bottle (that doesn’t leak!) and a LARGE pocket for all of your personal & dog-related “stuff”. It even has an opening on the bottom of the pocket for use as a poop bag dispenser or a hole through which to loop headphones. My favorite part about this belt is the size of the running pocket. I recently upgraded my phone to one of those large, practically mini-tablet sized phones, and I can say it fits in here along with keys, a gel, chap stick, poop bags, etc. with no problem. The pocket is actually a dual pocket with a zippered section and a flip top section. Even better.

I did ask the Kurgo people about the sizing of the belt. It is a one size fits all but is very easy to adjust. I pulled it as tight as it would go and it was still a tiny bit loose on me. Not to the point where it would shift much, I just like my waist belts to be super tight so I don’t notice them at all. They were going to double check on the sizing because it is supposed to be adjustable down to 25 inches and my waist is 28.

I also lunge tested this product, allowing Zeke to run after a few squirrels and I found the running belt to be very sturdy. Zeke is trained to pull so his lunge is pretty strong and the belt held up- nothing broke, nothing frayed, I wasn’t nervous that it would unclip at all.

KURGO k9 Excursion Running Belt

4 paws!!!!

excellent, hands-free, run with your dog, hydration running belt

Available soon on

(they are having a Memorial Day sale with some products 50% off-check it out!)


~ by manicivy on May 27, 2015.

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