Bad Dog-Owner Rant #5000

I haven’t done one of these in a while but today I really need to rant. I’m so fed up with inexperienced dog owners who own strong, large breeds and don’t properly care for them. Today’s case: Shadow, a mastiff mix. Owner: young guy, talking to his friends who had a boxer or on his cell phone, the entire time.

1st incident: Zeke playing with his dog friend Dave. Dave is a growly player, they were playing beautifully, taking turns chasing and play-bowing and pouncing. All of a sudden Shadow charges over knocks them both to the ground. Zeke and Dave react by snapping at him and he full out attacks Zeke who was closer. Zeke crawls under a bench, I start shouting and try to grab at Shadow’s harness, realize thats probably dangerous for me so i just smacked at his tail. Zeke managed to free himself, coming out the other side of the bench so I grab his collar and hold him, checking him over while Shadow’s owner calls him repeatedly and Shadow doesn’t go over to him. HA. Shadow’s owner comes over & says to me, pointing at Zeke, “hes alright” and then says to Zeke, “you can’t bark at other dogs, my dog doesn’t like that”. I wanted to smack the guy. #1 it was Dave who was barking, not Zeke & he was play barking. #2 if your dog doesn’t like dogs that bark DONT GO TO THE DOG PARK #3. if you’re not willing to jump in and break up a fight DONT GO TO THE DOG PARK #4 if your dog is involved in a fight you are supposed to separate them until they calm down- he did not do this. I had to wait for Shadow to move away on his own before I let Zeke free. He and Dave begin playing again.

5 minutes later…

2nd incident:

Zeke and Dave playing about 30 feet away from Shadow when Shadow does the same exact thing except this time he goes to bite at Dave. They start wrestling with Shadow going for Dave’s neck and Dave defending. Dave’s owner shouts to Shadows owner to come get his dog. Shadow’s owner WALKS over…walks, yes thats right, walks over, calls to Shadow, Shadow doesn’t respond. They break themselves up and Dave’s owner leashes Dave. Shadow’s owner can’t get him to come when calls, so he KICKS at Shadow to go in a different direction. KICKS. Shadow tucks his tail and runs away. And then…

3rd incident: Shadow starts to come back over when Zeke & Dave start playing again. NOW his owner is proactive and says “hehehe i think its time for the leash”. He leashes him (after he has to catch him) and they leave a little while later.

WHAT an ass.

I end up feeling bad because maybe I should have left after incident #1. But Zeke and Dave were doing so great and Shadow had been fine the first 30 minutes we were there. And I really thought the other owner would be more watchful. I also felt bad for Shadow, he has a d*ck for an owner-thats not his fault. He was overweight, poor muscle tone, a dry, dull coat and he had what looked like fatty tumors all over his legs. Why do people get dogs if they are going to treat them that way? I will never understand it. If I see that dog or owner again I’m not going in.

But I do hope we see Dave again- what a great dog! Zeke ran 4 miles this morning and played with 1 1/2 year old hound dog Dave for almost an hour! We have another run planned for the morning and then its a trip to the vet for annual heartworm testing. /= Vet visits are never fun…


~ by manicivy on May 6, 2015.

11 Responses to “Bad Dog-Owner Rant #5000”

  1. Great post! Even if one owner sees himself in this post, it will help! Dave? what a unique name for a dog! I wonder if the owner is a Cheech and Chong fan….

  2. I hear ya. That guy was most certainly a jackass.

  3. Stupid people with out of control dogs drive me crazy. Don’t leave your dog off-leash if you can’t control them. There’s a really cool route I’d love to run with Kobi, but there are about 5 dogs along the route that aren’t fenced and aren’t controlled and they all run out and cause nothing but trouble and try to attack Kobi. Makes me so mad.

  4. Had one take issue with me the other day actually after their little terrier came hurtling and barking straight towards Puddi in a field. She’s more of a lover than fighter and didn’t know what to make of it so backed off and as it got closer the yapping turned to a snarl. The owners are still way off in the distance not giving the tiniest toss so when it got about 2ft from her; I leant down and gently put my fingers under its collar then calmly went “Hey hey hey stop it… sit down”

    Really miffed and taking a tone as though I’d just kicked and set her dog on fire.

    “You don’t need to shout at it for goodness sake it’s only a little thing!!!!” God… fancy a sheepdog being scared of a little terrier!” and she rolled her eyes which instantly meant I wasn’t suited.

    “Well you know what? You’re lucky the farmer wasn’t the one to stop it because little though your dog might be; your nonchalance have seen it shot dead right here in the field for not having it under control. You’re also lucky this sheepdog doesn’t react because I know several that would’ve gone straight back and given Tiny Tim here an arse whooping neither of you will forget in a hurry.

    I’m giving you a friendly heads up and suggesting you keep that dog on a lead in future before it’s ripped to bits or shot dead”

    As I walked off I heard her mutter “Well she doesn’t have her dog on a lead.. how do we know hers if friendly?” which tickled me no end.

    • Oh no! I hate that excuse about the dog being little so it’s not a problem. Little dogs can start a bad fight!

      • It’s like short blokes being allowed to kick off in pubs at leisure because “Nawww.. they’re only teeny tiny”

    • Jack Russell’s and Border Terriers are by far the worst offenders. I’ve had the same run in with one particular little Jack Russell so often I’m half expecting to drop kick it clean over the river whenever we cross paths. Wheeeeehh!!

  5. Oh and people that let their dogs run loose near little kids on bikes or walking somewhere nearby – that’s another one that drives me nuts. To a small child; it must be like a huge draft horse with sharp teeth galloping straight for you a lot will panic and either run or scream; they’re even more likely to end up bitten.

    I’m 99% sure my dogs would never even give them a second glance but if I see a child or parents looking unsure, I’ll always reassure them she’s friendly and say I’ll sit her down nice and still next to me. The idea of letting them trot up to kiddies on bikes or in prams and not giving the least thought to whether they’re terrified is something I cannot get my head around.

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