A HUGE Shout-Out to KURGO Dog Products

This post is going to be all about Kurgo!

A month or two ago I purchased a dog hammock for our car. I had somehow came across the Kurgo brand while looking for dog-related car seat covers online. I am still extremely pleased with the dog hammock-keeps the fur and mud at bay and doesn’t allow Zeke to fall forward while pacing in the backseat during a drive to the dog park. With that purchase came a little postcard advertising a Kurgo adventure contest where you could win $5000 towards an outdoor dog friendly adventure that you would then blog about and be available for different media interviews, pictures, etc.. It was a pretty lengthy application, with uploading pictures of specific shots, an optional video, and about 10 long response questions. I admit I filled it out last minute, the day of the deadline, & I don’t think I filled out the adventure part of it as detailed as they were looking for. I was a bit bummed when we weren’t chosen.

BUT I was happily surprised when I received an email from their marketing department saying thank you for applying and if I responded to the email I would receive a $100 gift certificate! I responded almost immediately of course! The next day I heard back and got a personal email from the same marketing rep who said she had noticed from our application that Zeke and I were runners and would be interested in testing a new product? I again responded, YES!! And then I didn’t hear anything for a few days and I was being to think it was too good to be true. Well, what do you know a few days ago I received an email with the 100$ gift certificate code- And I just used it to purchase some things from their website. Can’t wait to product review them! And, last night, I received in the mail a package with…… a runner hydration belt with leash attachment & poop bag dispenser, all in ONE! I was so very excited to receive it! I get to test out a product before it hits the shelves! I’m planning on trying it out ASAP, but I’m having some foot pain so couldn’t run today )= So as soon as we get out and use it a few times I will write a review and send Kurgo the link to the review.

So, basically, Kurgo seems like an awesome company. I love that they are really into their get out and go on adventures with your dog type of mission. I do wish their products were made in the USA (they’re made in China). But they have great customer service, reasonable prices, and truly uniquely designed products. So, please check out their website!

BTW, since i couldn’t run today I hooked Zeke up to the dog scooter and we truly made a break through. He actually seems to like it now! We followed Doug, on his Airwheel, around the neighborhood for a 10 minute session. I barely ever pushed myself, and let him really get the feel for pulling me around. He is now sleeping like a baby. And he stopped to poop mid-scooter which was pretty funny. As soon as we can get the scooter to some open road or trails I’ll put up video & pictures. As far as gear we are using:

an Ultra paws omni-jore harness

Diggler Dawg scooter

& the Buddy, hands-free dog leash connector attached to a regular leash. The Buddy provides enough of a bungee “give” that Zeke has a smooth pulling motion.

And in case you’re wondering what an Airwheel is, Doug’s family got him one for his birthday, it’s an electric hands free unicycle. Google video “airwheel” its a pretty cool thing!

~ by manicivy on April 29, 2015.

5 Responses to “A HUGE Shout-Out to KURGO Dog Products”

  1. Wow… that’s really great… Canicross is really taking off if products are being developed for it!

  2. Hey, I applied for the Kurgo adventure too, but didn’t make it to the top 15. I also got a GC! I ordered the car hammock and a few other things. There were some really good applicants. Can’t wait to see the scooter videos!!

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