Run Update

Things have been quiet around here. I’ve been spending a lot of time with family, thanks to the addition of my nephew (now 1 month). As the weather is getting nicer I plan on getting out a lot more, although I’m happy to say we have been keeping up on our running. Last week I hit 26 miles! For the past 2 months the job and running plus all of the family time had really been taking a toll on me. Running had plateaued and I was really emotionally and physically exhausted. Anxiety sucks. I’ll admit it, I had  a mini breakdown, threw a tantrum and realized I needed some more ME time. I’ve always been more of a loner type and sometimes too much socializing burns me out. *shrug* Maybe it was those 6 years of living alone right after college, got a little too used to it.

So, this past week I’ve been doing a little more of what I want to do when I want to do it! Damn straight! I planned a few camping trips, blasted some good music (the Toadies) in the car, and ran a lot with & without the dog. I also planned out my racing schedule for the year. This is my year to get faster. That’s why I’ve been trying to build my base from 15-18 to 20-25. Eventually I would like to hit 30mpw. I have a fun run 5k this Saturday, a 4 miler road & trail run next month & I’ve decided to do the Shell Yeah! Challenge in Virginia in the fall. On a Saturday you run a 5k and the next day  a half marathon. There is also a racing expo! (i’ve never been to one before) and a beer fest after the half. It was one of Runner’s World top 20 recommended half marathons. I’m excited because Doug is doing both the 5ks with me and I have family in VA I will be able to visit with. And, of course, we will be blogging about the dog friendly hotel we stay in.

I’ve upped my run-commuting so Zeke is still doing the 14-18 miles a week with me, but the other miles are on my own. I think this is good for my running as it allows me to throw in some strides and hill repeats and develop mental toughness on my own. I had a running breakthrough with him on our 10 mile long run last week though. We hit the local trails & park roads & it just clicked. I did about an 11:30 pace- it was perfect conversation pace, my last mile was as quick as my 2nd. I felt recovered as soon as I stopped running. And so that was the week I hit 26 miles and realized it IS possible for me to up my mileage and not bonk. I have to run a longer long run, add a 5th day of running but run the short runs shorter. So I’m doing 2.5-5 miles 4 days a week and long run day will be 8-10. (I had been doing weeks that looked like a 3 a 7 and an 8, then a 5 a  2 and a 9.) Not good when you walk 8-10 miles daily & do heavy lifting, climbing at your job. Shorter runs, more often, I believe is the way to go.

Doug is trying running again, he joined me for 2 miles on the trails today. He has promised once a week to do the trails with zeke and me so we can run freely and safely. Hope to be posting about some hikes soon! We also had our first attempt with dog-scootering. It’s a little scary on sidewalks and local roads so as soon as we can get the scooter in the car with the dog to the park (if everyone fits) I’ll be sure to put up some video!


~ by manicivy on April 22, 2015.

4 Responses to “Run Update”

  1. Cool post – I love reading the details of a runners week – seeing what works for other runners helps me tweek my own schedule 🙂 I agree about doing a few miles without the dog – I once did a full round of marathon training solely with dogrunning, then proceeded to crash and burn at the race! I’d got so used to the dog pulling me, I found I just couldn’t get going on my own. Completed the race, but it was without a doubt the worst run I have ever done. Still, lessons were learned that day. Now I always include a mix of running throughout the week – both with and without the dogs.

  2. “You time” is very important especially with your intense schedule. So make sure the “you time” is ALSO scheduled! Try some Paul Hardcastle (Jazzmasters)!

  3. Dog scooting is great on a long, straight, clear off road path! I’m lucky having a big field nearby (about 1.5km around), so I ride the scooter down, while my husband walks the dogs down.
    To travel with the scooter, I one that folds to go on the back seat, with the dogs in the back of the car. I have also seen them on roof racks (scooters not dogs!)

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