Product Review: UltraPaws Skijor Gear (450miles+)

In January 2013, I purchased the UltraPaws brand Skijor package. It included a dog pulling harness, 8 ft. bungee towline, and skijor hip belt. I didn’t always keep track of the gear we used that first year of running together. But in all of the times I have kept track, Zeke has now ran over 450 miles in his canicross gear! It is easily over 500 miles with the runs I didn’t add and the times we’ve used it when hiking.

I am happy to report this skijor package is in as good condition as the day I received it in the mail! I am really amazed as to how well it has held up. I’m going to post the earliest & latest pictures of Zeke in his canicross gear.

2013-02-03 12.44.48February 2013- wow the red was REALLY bright back then

And here it is last month.

happy trails! Zeke in his element.

Zeke has really filled out!

Both were taken on the Forest Park trails! I didn’t have the towline in the first picture because I felt 8 feet was too long- I later figured out to make knots in the leash to shorten it up to about 6 feet. It’s just better when canicrossing in the city around corners and near traffic. Aside from being a little dirty I have found no tears, no areas of weakness, the belt has not stretched, the buckles all still work, even the felt padding on the chest straps are as good as new. I do sometimes clean the harness with some warm soapy water. Zeke has worn it in all kinds of weather. No visible wear and tear. I really am so pleased with this product! The price has gone up since I purchased it 2 years ago. I still feel it would be worth the price as it seems like it will last his lifetime and possibly after.

Definitely a rating of 4 paws!

Here is the link to the Ultrapaws skijor purchase page.


~ by manicivy on April 4, 2015.

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