Brooklyn Dog Park Crawl: NYC Dog Friendly Areas #4 & 5

We finally made it back to Zeke’s NY roots- Brooklyn! And I gotta say I don’t think he missed it. HAHA. It really was a crawl- traffic was TERRIBLE. It took us an hour to get there. Google maps said 20 minutes. Google maps was way off. It just gave us more time to test out our Kurgo dog hammock in the car though, which is still holding up well and doing a great job of trapping the dog hair and dirt.

I had originally planned on stopping at 3 dog parks but due to traffic constraints (another hour to get back to Queens making Doug late for work) we cut it short at two. Here are the reviews of the 2 dog parks we stopped at.

I’ll start with the smaller one, Pier 6 Dog Run. Here is the dog run website

IMG_4350 Here we are at the entrance.

It was a little difficult to find as it is part of Brooklyn Bridge Park, but the dog park area is across a park roadway kind of by itself. I actually asked a woman passing with her dog if she could point me in the right direction. She was so sweet she actually walked us over to it. The park is tiny. As in, backyards on Long Island are bigger. But for the people who live in the area I’m sure it is a great local place to get in some fetch and playtime. Not a park worth traveling any distance for.

IMG_4354Zeke still had a good time.

Accessibility: no parking, a little hard to find, out of the way unless you live right there: 1 paw

Dog friendliness: dog park, but so small it must get crowded very quickly, there are areas around to walk your dog on the pier2 paws!

Scenery: city & pier/water views, lots of traffic nearby 2 paws

Terrain type: tiny rounded pebbles- may bother your dog’s feet if staying for any length of time, doesn’t get muddy though! 1 paw

Water Access: has a drinking fountain and water “shower” for dogs- available in season 2 paws

Overall: 1 1/2? paws

On to the second park which I was VERY excited to visit. Hillside Dog Park! It has 4 1/2 stars on Yelp reviews. Everyone talks about how large it is and how friendly the dogs are etc. etc. I have to admit, I was disappointed. Getting there was such a hassle and there was ZERO parking, Doug actually had to stay in the car and stand at a fire hydrant while we explored the park for 20 minutes. The dog run IS large, it did not appear to be the reputed 2 acres though.

Here is the majority of the park in a picture:

2015-04-01 13.28.10

Their website reports that it has 24 large trees- one corner is very wooded but the trees have maybe a 6 inch diameter-not what I would call large trees. They do have very nice benches and picnic tables for the people though.

2015-04-01 13.28.24

There are multiple entrances into the park and a separate “small” dog area. Although today it seemed to be frequented by a group of large aggressive dogs who tried to attack any dog going up to the fence.

Another turn off about this park, I just read on its website, FOUND HERE that when it snows in the winter, dogs can only enter the small dog park because the hilly, larger part is reserved for sledders! WHAT?! How odd and unfortunate.

2015-04-01 13.28.45

the Brooklyn Queens Expressway is literally right behind the park, the noise from the traffic was almost unbearable.

the Brooklyn Queens Expressway is literally right behind the park, the noise from the traffic was almost unbearable.

Some other annoyances: multiple dog walkers who had 6+ dogs with them but weren’t paying attention & one old man trying to give everyone’s dog treats without asking permission from the owners. I HATE that. As I was calling out to him not to give Zeke any food, I saw Zeke actually turn up his nose at the treat and walk away- phew. Must’ve been a hard cookie like a milk bone, those are the only treats Zeke won’t eat while outside- not worth his time.

Accessibility: no parking, a little hard to find, out of the way unless you live right there, terrible traffic all around: 1 paw

Dog friendliness: dog park (except in winter!), short distance to the pier for a scenic walk2 paws!

Scenery: nothing special 1 paw

Terrain type: wood chips, website reports grass area, I didn’t see it & I walked around twice although the winter’s thawing may have muddied it, large area-3 paws

Water Access: drinking fountains in season1 paw

Overall: 2 paws


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