Product Review: Kurgo Pinnacle Hammock

I’m going to deem this “Product Review Week.” I have tried out a bunch of new treats, toys, & other dog related items. I am also planning on doing an “X” number of miles review for Zeke’s running gear. (Kind of like how Aging Runnah has mileage reviews for his sneakers- thanks for the great idea!)

Today I am very excited to review the Kurgo Pinnacle Hammock. Mind you, we’ve just bought it and only used it twice so far but I am very impressed and see the great potential this has.

Let me of course link HERE to the Kurgo site for the product itself. I am impressed with the Kurgo story. The company was started by two brothers in Vermont (LOVE Vermont!) that were active in outdoor activities with their dogs. I stumbled across their website while perusing for dog backpacks that were made to handle dog running but were cheaper than the Ruffwear ones. (They have one, called the Max Pack, but I am going to make due with 2 I already have.)

2015-03-11 17.02.01

The backstory on why I purchased the Pinnacle Hammock? SHEDDING. Waaaay too much shedding. On one of the first warmish days last week Doug and I spent over an hour de-furring our car. We’ve tried blankets, towels, seat covers, etc. I needed something that would actually work. This product is perfect! It solves so many issues all at once:

It attaches to the back headrests, falls down over the seat and curves up to attach to the front headrests. So no more fur all over the car floor, no more fur on the seats, and no more fur flying to the front of the car because its caught in a legitimate hammock. Because it stretches forward between the front seats it also prevents Zeke from leaning forward and distracting us drivers. AND it solves the problem of him falling forward onto the floor whenever you break suddenly. The material seems very durable and it is waterproof, traps dirt, and is machine washable. It comes in a neat little messenger bag if you want to fold it up & put it away quickly. It has zipper openings for the seat belt buckles to pop through. It has a zipper line in the front so you can fold down one side for a human backseat passenger. This is the focus of some of its negative reviews, that the zipper unzips immediately, but I have had Zeke in the car for over an hour & he is NOT a calm car rider and I have had no zipper problems yet. There is a velcro “latch” to keep the two sides together anyway should the zipper fail.

It’s already attracted so much fur, dirt, and sand!

2015-03-18 10.56.41(I’ve since figured out how to tighten it so it goes a bit higher up the seat, our headrests are a bit unusual.)

I’m really excited with this purchase. Now when we go camping our sleeping gear and coolers, etc. that we put in the foot area of the backseat will no longer be drenched in dog fur.

4 PAWS!!!


~ by manicivy on March 19, 2015.

2 Responses to “Product Review: Kurgo Pinnacle Hammock”

  1. I’m totally getting this! I had a cheap version of one, but the straps around the headrests ripped off in the first 10 minute car ride.

    • I was worried about that happening but so far so good. I think the hammock itself is so big that it rests on the seat and there is no tension on the straps.

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