NYC Area Dog Friendly Spot #3: Rockaway Beach Area

I am including the Freeway Dog Park and Rockaway beach itself in this review since a lot of dogs do both in one day!

That’s what Zeke and I did today despite temps returning to the 30’s with a wicked wind. We spent 90 minutes enjoying the day at the beach & dog park. A full HOUR was spent playing with his new bestie, a Husky named Fabio. They literally did this the WHOLE time:

My original review of the dog park/beach can be found HERE

At a quick glance:

Accessibility: TONS of parking, but have to pay a toll for the bridge: 3 paws

Dog friendliness: very! dogs on leash (but not enforced) on the beach seasonally from October 1st- May 1st + dog park –4 paws!

Scenery: largest dog park in Queens + beautiful beach views 4 paws!

Terrain type: sand & boardwalk at the beach, grass & pavement at the park 4 paws

Water Access: bring your own drinking water for the park & beach, but plenty of ocean water to cool off in! –3 paws

Overall: 4 paws!!

2015-03-18 16.40.32 2015-03-18 16.46.53

I should mention the dog park has been updated and now includes mosquito control machines in the summer & has a brand new mini agility course shown here by Zeke:

(You’ll note his hesitation when I asked for his bark behavior. My fault not his. His command is “speak” and I confused it with my sea lion’s (from the zoo) command “talk”.


~ by manicivy on March 18, 2015.

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