The Past Two Weeks

Did some running over my “stay”cation, but mostly treadmill runs. The week I picked to have off was filled with cold and ice and snow (so glad I had off from work!) but not conducive to outdoor running. I tried to take Zeke to the dog park more instead and amused him as best as possible inside.

We were also able to make a Western Beef trip where chicken leg quarters were on sale for 49cents a pound! I picked up 20lbs! We also got some beef heart, chicken livers, feet and neck, lamb ribs, beef kidney, etc.. Between that & the Armellino’s trip (50lbs of ground beef & duck & 4 varying size raw marrow/knucklebones) Zeke has food for at least 3 months. Chest freezers are a must to save money with a raw food dog diet.

Today we hit the 40’s! Despite all the melting and inches deep slush puddles, we just had to get out there for a run! Did a really nice 7 miler in a new area and Zeke was surprisingly calm. I had expected some anxiety from him since he is uncomfortable in new locations sometimes, but I think it helped that we ran around our regular park first. This way at 3 miles in, he was already in his groove & I let him dash around in the snow a bit which really perks up his confidence. We ran around a different cemetery and it might be a good future running place to change things up a bit!

More snow coming tomorrow which means a snow run since I’m off from work!


~ by manicivy on March 4, 2015.

One Response to “The Past Two Weeks”

  1. That is hilarious! Cross the paws and be good. Good boy.

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