When Your Dog is a D*ck

He really was too, our ENTIRE 4 mile run. Lunging at dogs, chasing squirrels, stopping to pee CONSTANTLY, running when I wanted to walk, walking when I wanted to run, he even bit at the leash one time!! Do you all have days like this with your dog? It reminds me of the adolescent stage- when they’re pushy and they test you and they do everything wrong…on purpose! HA! Let me clarify that I’m not mad or angry, I can laugh about it now because these times are few and far between. Not like the entire 6 months of hell from about age 6-12 months. In fact when Zeke acts like a d*ck now I’m kind of amused. And, luckily, I usually can figure out why. I have only myself to blame. I trace it back to 4 reasons:

Reason #1: its super super cold out. This morning it was 2 degrees with a real feel of -14. Zeke always is more of an ass in winter because he just gets so crazy in the cold weather, because he LOVES it.

Reason #2: also temperature related. Less outside time. I have intense guilt about this, I try really hard to get him out for at least an hour a day, but I still feel like it isn’t enough. We are running 3-4 times a week, dog park twice weekly, inside play with DeeDee the boxer once a week for a few hours. I’ve increased his training sessions. I still put him out on his tether for 15/20 minutes a day but the husband hates the cold and is only taking Zeke on bare minimum walks and I can only do so much after working outside and being cold all day.

Reason #3: you got it! yes! also temperature related. Due to the constant inflow of storms every week we have been unable to stock up on raw knucklebones. I can’t say enough good things about raw knucklebones because it literally provides HOURS of amusement for Zeke. Not to mention getting out any frustrations he may have using his jaw muscles grounding down some bone. (This Wednesday we are going!)

Reason #4: Doug left 30 seconds before we did and he did the absolutely most forbidden thing- he took the car. Basically Zeke thought he was going on a car ride (dog park?!) and then he didn’t. Temper tantrum time.

But it all doesn’t matter because after one more day at work I will be on vacation. I will be off for 9 days and it is going to be wonderful. I will spoil the big baby with runs, and dog park trips, and long walks every day. Hopefully that will sort of reset his….I used thesaurus.com for another word for “craziness” and believe TOMFOOLERY is a good fit. So hopefully me being on vacation and being home a little more, being outside, will put an end to Zeke’s tomfoolery. I do love the snow, but I can’t wait for camping weather to arrive! Zeke is always so at peace while camping.

Like here, in Vermont in October

Like here, in Vermont in October


~ by manicivy on February 16, 2015.

2 Responses to “When Your Dog is a D*ck”

  1. It is kind of funny (because he isn’t like that all the time). Fit, active dogs do need their exercise don’t they!? Enjoy your vacation time with Zeke!

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