Treadmill Dog- Session 2 (more videos!)

It’s been several days since I had the really good session with Zeke on the treadmill. I decided to go for it again and his improvement is dramatic! I recorded the very first two tries today (at speed .5 & .6), then took a few minutes break did another session at speed .7. He did better on the faster speed as it is a more natural walking speed, so I bumped it up to .9 & recorded that one. I am spacing the timing of the reward further apart. The second video is amazing because some of the food drops and he continues on his own, licking at the food when he’s close enough- essentially rewarding himself! And two times you may notice I asked him for a “look & hold” so he would concentrate on me and walking and know the food reward would take a little time. He is also quick to jump on now! I don’t punish him, in fact I rewarded him when he got off on his own because I dont want him to be scared of getting off either. Super proud of him- he’s come SUCH a long way with this!


~ by manicivy on February 11, 2015.

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