2 Surprising Benefits of Canicross-ing on Ice

Everyone thinks DISASTER when running attached to your dog, much less running attached to your dog on ice! But as Zeke and I explored outside run route option #3 (our regular route around the cemetery is UNrunnable, it’s almost unwalkable, and our 2nd usual route at Forest Park is sheet of ice or sheet of rock salt) at Juniper Park we came across a combo of clear sidewalks, unclear crosswalks, sporadically salted park pavement, clear park pavement and super iced park pavement. But, compared to the other options this is as good as its going to get for a few weeks until a big thaw comes.

So the benefits of running on ice with an 80lb dog in front of you pulling you speedily along?

#1- Your dog knows the best footing and always veers towards it. Path is super iced in the middle but a little slushy on the side? Zeke knows and picks out the safest pathway. Plus, if he’s out in front and you can’t tell if its wet topped ice or slush topped ice all you have to do is listen. If you hear the smush of his paws its safe! If he goes suddenly silent, give the EASY command and slow it down cuz you’re about to go sliding.

#2- When you are in the middle of busting your ass- you hit a slick spot, your foot starts to slide, you are finding yourself airborne and your dog is still moving, pull on that canicross line! Thank you tension! With that line super taut and a strong dog on the other end, you can use his strength for balance! He has saved me soooo many times from slipping on the ice by my pulling on him for support. It almost makes up for the times he has tripped me.

3.6 miles 44 minutes (groan) but we’re still in one piece!

it's sad when this is the best option

it’s sad when this is the best option


~ by manicivy on February 7, 2015.

One Response to “2 Surprising Benefits of Canicross-ing on Ice”

  1. You’re a braver girl than me! Slippy under foot? Sorry, no running today, doggos! I might risk it on my own, but being pulled by a six-stone monster dog? Nope! I think I’m just getting old….. I’m way too afraid of falling (and possibly being out of the game for months – this has happened before, not happening again!)
    Feel free to post this up on /r/RunningWithDogs – Zeke is awesome, your blog is awesome, and our community would love it!

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