Zeke’s Week in Review

The crazy NYC winter weather has continued! With the second big storm in a row this past week (on a Monday always!) I’ve been having to walk or run to work a lot. in the snow. in the ice. And then work in it for 9 hours every day. So I’ve been BEAT. On my Friday night (Tuesday night) I just gave up and took a 30 minute, burning hot, lavendar epsom salt bath. So running this past week was few and far between.

2015-02-05 10.10.48

I’m trying to keep Zeke as occupied as possible though. We’ve been going to the dog park more. What’s been happening is roads are bad in the morning, so I walk to work, roads are better in the afternoon, Doug drives Zeke to the dog park and I meet them there after work (its only about .5mile from my job). We did this 3 times I think this week. On Sunday I did get out with Zeke for a 3 miler and yet another dog park trip. At home it’s been lots of short, 5 minute training sessions and lots of what I call “FlyKibble”. It’s like flyball where the dog has to hit the button to release the ball. Zeke has to target to my hand which i then toss kibble bits to all corners of the room and he runs to find them all. Repeat about 20x until his cup of kibble is gone. Also a lot of hiding treats & car rides just to get out a little more. Lots of slow, carefully placed footing type of walks as well.

Today we did a solid 4 mile run and quick dog park trip. I was looking forward to getting on the trails because sidewalks are a sheet of ice. Unfortunately so were the trails! We did the best we could and just took our time. Here is a video of us running on the “track” at the local park. Gotta love that top icy layer crunching with every step. & another storm is predicted for Sunday/Monday….


~ by manicivy on February 5, 2015.

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