Another Use for 3 Week Old Turkey Bologna- Teach Your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill.

Big breakthrough!!! It’s amazing what a little persistent positive reinforcement can do.

I had tried to get Zeke on the treadmill months ago. He would barely stand on it when it wasn’t even moving. Then, I will admit, I tried to force him on it- grabbing his harness and placing him on it. He fought me every second. So I gave up for a few weeks. Today we ran outside, then he watched me, every second, while I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I turned it to the lowest speed possible 0.5 and went in front of the treadmill & got this result. Moving it away from the wall and having him watch me on it and be curious about it really seemed to make the difference. If your dog hates the treadmill, just give it time, the breakthrough will happen!


~ by manicivy on February 5, 2015.

3 Responses to “Another Use for 3 Week Old Turkey Bologna- Teach Your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill.”

  1. Oh wow! That’s cool – Zeke is the master!

    You should post this up on /r/runningwithdogs – in the depths of winter when it’s too slippy out, many of us would love to have our dogs on the treadmill. It’s awesome to see it in action 🙂

  2. So cool! I’ve wanted to try to get Kobi on the treadmill. She might do it for bacon, however, she is pretty strong willed.

  3. What a clever boy 🙂

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