52 Parks, Beaches, & Run Areas (In & Around NYC) For You and Your Dog in 2015

Alright, its time to start this! 52 areas for running and dog-related fun in 52 weeks. I’m not necessarily going to do one per week but I do promise to hit at least 52 this year. During warmer weather and vacation time we will hit multiple new areas every day! Zeke and I will be revisiting & re-reviewing some local dog parks, parks in generals, and running spots we have already been to. We promise to also bring new pictures, new videos, and new stories to tell from our explorations.

Today we are starting out with #1!

#1 Jamaica Bay & Northern Shore Promenade

I have reviewed the great running path at Jamaica Bay before, found HERE.

This is also the area I plan to train Zeke to bike & scooter-jore later in the year! Spoiler alert!! It’s the perfect path to do this as it is hardly ever crowded on a weekday. It’s wide enough to give some wiggle room, yet narrow enough that Zeke can’t go running away with me as I’m not sure how he’s going to react to being attached to a scooter or bike! This path is also close to a beach area that is dog-friendly so in the summer months we can do laps up and down the path and jump in the water to cool down.

To try something new when we got off the Cross Bay Bridge instead of turning left for the dog park we went right alongside another bike/walking path. I have deemed it the Northern Shore Promenade as it doesn’t seem to have any official name. I wasn’t sure how long it was as it’s quite curvy. Unfortunately, it turns out, it’s only about .3 miles long! I think it may pick up again further down but I didn’t want to extend our run too long as Zeke had his backpack on & 6 miles was a long enough run with that on.

Here is the beautiful city view from the promenade:

2015-01-15 10.03.30it’s there in the background I promise!

And here is a view of the path itself:

2015-01-15 10.03.50 Lots of benches, light posts (must be well-lit at night) and water fountains. Wide enough to give other runners and bikers some room.

And the reviews for this run area are………

Accessibility: a bit of a drive but 3 paws for parking

Dog friendliness: dogs on leash & largest dog park in the city in the area –4 paws!

Scenery: great view of Manhattan & beach-y surroundings- 4 paws!

Terrain type: pavement & sidewalk, forays onto the beach possible –2 paws

Water Access: beach to cool off in, fountains available in summer only –3 paws

Overall: 3 paws!!


~ by manicivy on January 15, 2015.

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