Way Too Excited Over Half an Inch of Snow

It snowed!!!!!!! It was somewhere between half an inch and an inch but it still counts!

We’ve had a great first week of the New Year! I had a 4 day weekend starting Dec. 31. So that meant some running got done! I’m loosely aiming for 12 miles every 4 days. Zeke will end up doing a few less with me since I may run commute some days to get those miles. Here’s our active week in review:

Jan 1- 4 mile run around Forest Park. (Already posted the pics from that one!)

Jan 2- 4 speedy miles around the neighborhood. Made Zeke wear his backpack with some cans of tomato paste in it!

Jan 3- run rest day (for me!) We spent 1.5 hours in the freezing cold at Rockaway dog park. Zeke got to play with an awesome group of about 12 dogs! We don’t ever get to go on a Saturday morning so we met the “regulars” for the first time. We were on our own for about 40 minutes till they showed up so we did lots of fetch and agility:

Jan 4- I ran home from work and did a quick neighborhood run with Zeke, total- 4.7 miles.

Jan 5 & 6th my foot was hurting again so no running but some decent walks for Zeke.

Jan 7 today- 6.5 miles on snowy trails! Set out to do about 4 and felt so good did a second lap of the complete trailway. Met a few dogs and some brave runners. Even though my foot is still sore while walking it didn’t hurt at all during the run. I thank the snow cushioned dirt trails. So much fun and so beautiful, glad I put Zeke’s canicross gear on, he pulled the whole way! I gave him 5 minutes off leash at the large playground (no dogs allowed but I snuck him in since it was empty!)

Today’s run was truly beautiful, I felt great & also safe on the trails, Zeke was super into it and even though it was about 19 degrees with a real feel of 9, I dressed appropriately because I was comfortably warm the whole time. I waxed Zeke’s paws before we left and the TONS of salt on the sidewalk getting to the park didn’t bother him. I dipped his paws in warm water as soon as we got home.

Today I bought a sled. A red, plastic, toboggan type sled. I’m not sure if there will be enough snow left tomorrow, but if there is, I’m going to make Zeke pull me!


~ by manicivy on January 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Way Too Excited Over Half an Inch of Snow”

  1. Yaay! You got snow. I hope the toboggan works out! That will be fun.

  2. That looks beautiful! Good luck with the sledge – Zeke will be a proper musher soon!

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