A Run To Be Proud Of!

Training is paying off finally! Set out to do a 4 mile tempo run. It sort of turned into a progression run with times that really surprised me!

Mile 1- 10:58

2- 10:36

3- 10:11

4- 9:38!!!!

And it felt relatively easy- definitely had the pace in mind and was consciously pushing it faster but really felt strong throughout! 3 weeks to go until my half! This was mine and Zeke’s first colder run of the season. It’s about 30 degrees out and windy. We got some new nighttime gear (post on this coming soon) that we got to try out! It helped so much. I adjusted Zeke’s backpack to fit better (the straps were always coming loose and hitting him in the legs). Just used some zip ties in strategic places and, voila! Fits like a glove! With his increased exuberance in cold weather I add a 16ounce water bottle to each side to give him an extra workout. Tomorrow we have our long run planned, ~10 miles. I’m going to go more on time spent running, looking at 2 hours! May do some on the treadmill after the majority of it outside. Stay warm everyone!

2014-11-19 09.42.07


~ by manicivy on November 19, 2014.

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