Foodie Friday

A week’s look at Zeke’s diet for those interested in feeding raw:

  • Sunday- .75lb tilapia fillets + .5lb ground turkey w/bone in
  • Monday- 1.68lbs beef ribs
  • Tuesday- .75lb beef kidney + .5lb ground beef w/bone in
  • Wednesday-  .6 lb beef heart + .5lb ground beef w/bone in
  • Thursday- .5lb ground beef w/bone in + .8lb chicken hearts
  • Friday- 1lb pork shoulder + .25lb chicken liver
  • Saturday- 1.5lb green tripe

The ground beef & turkey with bone included, comes from Armellino’s raw dog food, pre-made into 5lb logs. The green tripe is also made by a raw dog food company & comes in 2lb logs. Everything else I buy on sale (as much as possible!) at local grocery stores & in bulk thanks to our chest freezer.

I sprinkle a little flax seed and some blueberries and randoms from the garden (parsley, kale, etc.) once or twice a week into his ground food. I will also steam sweet potatoes and use small cubes as training treats at home. And he gets 1 cup of Blue buffalo Wilderness dry food offered every morning-he chooses to eat it or leave it. Zeke also almost always has access to a knucklebone, beef ribs, or other raw marrow bones every day.

We are up to 9 mile long runs now! This is post-run.

We are up to 9 mile long runs now! This is post-run.


~ by manicivy on November 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “Foodie Friday”

  1. Zeke has a better diet than me lol
    Have a nice weekend!

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