Product Review: Kong ZoomGroom

WE FINALLY FOUND IT!!!! The BEST grooming tool that can stand up to a husky. The Furminator was close, but the Kong ZoomGroom does it the best. If you have a heavy shedding dog I cannot recommend this product enough.

  • It’s cheap- about $5
  • It’s made of rubber- will last & is easy to clean & I can leave it outside and not worry about it getting rusty or gross
  • Has grooming nubbins- it also massages your dog’s muscles while removing loose fur-great for active dogs that need a rub down after some exertion!

What I love about the ZoomGroom is it’s gentle enough to be rubbed back and forth on your dog-really lifting up all of the loose hairs. The rubber is like a magnet and doesn’t hurt the dog’s bones when brushing hard.

Funny story as to how we found out about this product. I was walking Zeke one morning and a nice lady, obviously dressed for work, crossed the street and started walking next to us for a block. She told me about this product after asking how much he sheds. She chatted for about ten minutes about it’s wonderfull-ness. I thought to myself “sure lady, I’m sure this ZoomGroom is good, but NOTHING can work for Zeke’s shedding that well.”

I was wrong. I wish I would run into this lady again so I can thank her.

If you have a dog-get this product, it is AMAZING!!


~ by manicivy on October 26, 2014.

2 Responses to “Product Review: Kong ZoomGroom”

  1. Wow, I love the majority of Kong products but I must admit I’ve seen these and thought ‘no, it looks too simple and cheap!’
    Might add this to Sams Christmas list…

  2. I am going to have to find this and try this! Kobi hates being brushed, but being massaged is a different story. I might be able to trick her into a massage and groom at the same time! She sheds like crazy 8 months of the year.

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