My Dog Does Track Workouts

Had a killer workout with the dog today. We’re going to need more like that because I signed up for my second half marathon last night! It’s the Holiday Half in Brooklyn (in December) along a shore road by the Verrazano Bridge. Scenic and flat course, although maybe a little boring with a few loops.

Zeke did his furthest run EVER- 8.1miles. His past longest was 7.75 miles. It was 52 degrees, rainy, and windy. Perfect running weather for a husky! I went on to do 9 miles (last mile on the treadmill). Our 8th mile together was our fastest at 10:40!!! I had turned my ankle at work 2 days ago and it felt a little funny-sort of wobbly- the first 2 miles today. I almost turned back home. Decided to run on the track for a few miles so I didn’t have to worry about acorns or uneven footing to protect my ankle. Thanks to the rain, there were only two people on the track so I felt comfortable taking Zeke onto it. We’ve run there a few times in the past. He gets excited at first, but I just remind him to stay in his lane, to the right of mine by holding his leash on the turns and he runs nice and straight. In the video you can hear me make a clucking noise and he veers back into the correct lane. I’m glad we can run there on the softer ground to protect his joints a little on a longer run.

Here is a pic of us after our run!

2014-10-23 11.52.32


~ by manicivy on October 23, 2014.

One Response to “My Dog Does Track Workouts”

  1. I love that Zeke is a track dog! That is so cool. He runs so well with you. If that was Kobi, she’d assume the track meant sprint with or without me attached to her.

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