I’ve Been Neglecting the Blog

)=  Man, life has been busy! Had two weeks of vacation, did a 5 day camping trip to Vermont, 2 trips to the beach, apple-picking upstate, and 6 days of morning and afternoon hospital visits with my mom for her radiation treatments. Bad news: My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and although she caught it early, stage 1, it was an aggressive form, so surgery + radiation were necessary. Next up- chemo *sarcastic* Yay! Good news: she is an amazing woman and is doing fine. On the last day of her treatment she came with Zeke and me to the beach!

Here she is playing fetch with Zeke

Here she is playing fetch with Zeke

It was very touching that some days she would mention she would like to visit with Zeke before her next treatment. The healing/calming power of a pet is truly amazing. They can lift your spirits like noone/nothing else can.

This past week was my first week back to work, and conveniently, Doug decided to road-trip to Tennessee with his brother and friend for a concert and a visit to Graceland! I’m so glad I switched my job to be closer to home so Zeke only has to be alone for 10 hours tops while Doug is away, instead of a minimum of 12! My mom walked him a few days at lunchtime because she loves him, hehe. We have been keeping up with our running to help him feel tuckered out while I’m working. I’m pleased to say our run lengths have increased from the usual 2-5 miles to 3-6+! Tomorrow is supposed to be warmish and rainy, so I think we might head back to the beach for a long run of ~8 miles. If we’re going to get wet anyway, might as well run by the water!

Doug, obviously thinking of me & Zeke *wink*, snapped this picture of a dog park in Memphis! It's called the Barking Lot!!

Doug, obviously thinking of me & Zeke *wink*, snapped this picture of a dog park in Memphis! It’s called the Barking Lot!!

And, special thanks to my mom for this great pic!




2014-10-09 12.37.26


~ by manicivy on October 15, 2014.

3 Responses to “I’ve Been Neglecting the Blog”

  1. Hope you mom has a a quick and smooth recovery!

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