Sad News at Our Local Park

Well, we just got back yesterday from 5 days of camping in Vermont. Pictures and story to come soon! The best part about it was having limited cell phone reception and taking a break from all of the sad news stories. One of which hit us close to home, at the park where Zeke and I do most of our running at. There is an off leash area for dogs at Juniper park, but some people have wanted it fenced in since there are roads close by. Unfortunately many other locals have vehemently fought against it and now are possibly making dogs sick on purpose?! Disgusting. I have seen piles of kibble left and always kept Zeke far away from it as I didn’t trust it. Glad I did and I hope his stomach upset last week wasn’t caused from something there. We will continue to run there, I will just keep my eyes open for anything we need to avoid. What a tragedy, it is such a lovely park for dogs.


~ by manicivy on October 1, 2014.

3 Responses to “Sad News at Our Local Park”

  1. Some people are just disgusting, disgraceful human beings.
    In here you heard horrible stories of people even putting glass in pieces of sausages to get rid of stray cats and dogs. So sad.
    I hope all dogs get to recover. I’m lucky that Doggy doesn’t take food from anyone, not even treats and he doesn’t eat anything when we are out, well, if he sees and orange or a lemon he must get it. But that doesn’t count.
    That being said, when I have him off leash I always make him wear a muzzle, you never know. There are bugs in here that can kill your pup, so better safe than sorry.
    Looking forward to the pics and camping story.

  2. That is absolutely sickening! People make me so angry when they do horrible things like that. I hope whoever is doing that gets caught. Kobi found a raw piece of hamburger rolled into a ball once during the winter and I totally freaked as why would there be a raw piece of meat outside other than to bait something. I got it from her and just wrapped it in a poop bag and threw it away.

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