Urban Dog Sports – 5 Unique Activities to do With Your Dog

This was a great post from Live.Pant.Play! All great ways to get out, have fun, and exercise your dog in an urban environment! Treibball was a new one to me!

Live. Pant. Play

Urban dog sports are competitive activities with your dog that were adapted from other dog sports during off seasons or in areas that are not suitable for the original sport. These are unique and fun activities for you and your pup!

Urban Mushing

photo credit: Windsor Star photo credit: Windsor Star

Mushing is defined as “a sport or transport method powered by dogs.” Urban mushing was developed in the “off season” for sled dogs and has become popular in cities and areas that don’t normally get snow.  It includes carting, scootering, bikejoring, weight pulling, and other activities.  It involves the participation of one dog or multiple dogs to pull a cart, bike, scooter or just about anything on wheels. This is a great way for working dogs to burn off energy and a fun activity for both owner and pooch.

Learn more about Urban Mushing: UrbanMushing.com


photo credit: sportdog.nl photo credit: sportdog.nl

Treibball is a positive-reinforcement…

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2 Responses to “Urban Dog Sports – 5 Unique Activities to do With Your Dog”

  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! 🙂 We have an urban musher in our local park. It’s the wildest thing!

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