Wednesday’s 7 miler!

I (we?) have figured out how to do a long run! It all makes sense now- the purpose of it clicks. I wish I had figured this out last year. I may have on a few runs but not in general. My longer runs were always slower but I think I was always still pushing a bit; thinking about my speed and how tired I was. I also did my the majority of my long, slow runs last year (training for my first half) by myself, as I would run the 8 miles home from work. Now that I am bringing Zeke with me I am going extra slow for him, to allow him breaks and because I don’t want to push the pace when we are running on asphalt or sidewalk. (I probably worry too much, since my pushing the pace is everyone else’s super slow pace!)

I set out on our usual cemetery/juniper park run, to do 5 miles of various configurations of the park paths. I then planned on bringing Zeke home (he had a play date & dog park trip planned with his cousin the boxer puppy & would need LOTS of play energy) & I would do 2 miles on the treadmill to increase this weeks long run by a mile to 7.

At about mile 3 I ran into an old friend (she’s a runner too!) out walking with her baby- so of course I had to stop and chat for about 10 minutes, the baby is sooo cute! When we restarted I ended up doing just over 6 miles with Zeke since we had that break. I dropped him off and finished the last mile doing laps around my neighborhood by myself. When I looked at my Garmin, I was beside myself! I hadn’t pushed the pace ever and felt completely relaxed and energized at the end of the 7. And yet my pace was 40 seconds faster than last week’s 6 miler AND I had negative splits?! I felt pretty damned good, and Zeke really enjoyed the run and seemed like he could have kept going too. (I also took half a GU at mile 5-trying out different flavors) So, alas, slow run figured out- run in the morning, stay relaxed, don’t fight it and get a good rhythm. And having a partner really helps mentally. I am excited now to keep getting longer and longer with my runs!

Zeke and Deedee the boxer pup are now best friends and had a blast playing together at the house and again at the dog park. 6 mile run and 90 mins of play make Zeke a tired pup.

Here’s his happy face and our splits:



Avg. pace 11:30

total: 1:20:43


& Zeke and Deedee!



~ by manicivy on September 17, 2014.

2 Responses to “Wednesday’s 7 miler!”

  1. Yay for you!
    I still have “issues” staying focused on long workouts, after so many miles I just wanna get done and eat, I always end up picking up the pace towards the last 3 miles. When I workout with someone else we do the talk test, if we can talk we are doing right, if we struggle, gotta slow it down.
    Doggy isn’t much of a help, he likes to go a fast and pulls when I’m going over 8:30/mile.
    Zeke and Deedee look tired, and tired dogs are happy dogs and happier owners lol

    • Zeke is a sprinter off leash, but I think he has grown used to my slowness during our leashed runs. I can’t do speed work with him because he seems confused as to why I all of a sudden want to pick up the pace (; Doggy looks like a fast runner!

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