A Run & Some Impromptu Dog Park Agility

We’ve been getting some great runs in with the cooler weather. Tomorrow it is supposed to head back up to mid 80s so I decided to do my “long” run today. I’ve found breaking my running week into 4 day increments makes it much easier for me mentally & scheduling-wise. For this month I plan on running 10 miles every 4 days to give me a total of about 70 miles. (Zeke will have 50-60 with me). I run those 10 any way I want. (Last set I did a 5, a 3, and a 2; this set I’m thinking a 6 and a 4 or 2 2s).

I wanted to make sure Zeke got some off leash time today so I decided to do a reeeeeally slow run that would leave him some energy for the dog park later. So we did 6.2 miles in about 1:15, just over 12 minute mile pace which is what I set out to do. When it was over, I was surprised at how great I felt and how relaxed but not exhausted Zeke was. I think we both could have done several more miles at that pace! It was a joy to take in our surroundings and not feel rushed. We relaxed a bit, refueled, and grabbed Doug for a trip to the large dog park. Only one other small dog was there, so Zeke and I made up our own agility routine with the new dog-playground items.


~ by manicivy on September 11, 2014.

6 Responses to “A Run & Some Impromptu Dog Park Agility”

  1. I need to take Doggy for a run ASAP, he’s driving me crazy at home.
    Whenever he sees me wearing my sneakers he thinks he’s going out. Haven’t been taking him because of the injury, didn’t want push my luck with a dog tied to my waist. I’ll take him this weekend or he’ll tear the house down.
    The video is amazing, Doggy isn’t good at that, he likes the retrieving and search thing better.

    • Oh its so sad when we lace up and can’t take them with us! But probably a good idea if you were injured. I hope you & Doggy enjoy your return to running together. Glad you liked the video, we tried to play fetch before that but Zeke, while he loves to chase the ball, is not so good with bringing it back =P

  2. I’m thrilled your run with Zeke went so well! And what a great trip to the dog park. I wish ours had an agility course too – so very cool!

  3. I wish the UK had more dog specific/agility parks! I recently put forward the idea for activity/agility equipment to be added to one of our local parks as they were asking for suggestions, so I thought well its worth a try!

    • That’s great, I hope you get it! This equipment just appeared one day, I know they have had fundraisers at the park for things like this. Costume contests and bake sales (; I never get to go because they are always on the weekends, but sounds like fun.

  4. I love the video of Zeke. Looks like he really gets into agility. Kobi has never done agility, but she does love running into culverts so I think she’d like the tunnel part of an agility course. Not so sure if she could figure the other stuff out. Your weather looks so nice too.

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