Thursday’s 5.5 miler!

Going to start bumping up Thursday’s mileage to make it my long run day. Zeke and I set out to do 6, but the temps climbed really fast and he got so heated mid- run that he pulled the “stop, drop, roll in the grass & refuse to get up” move. I know from experience that this is SERIOUS and Zeke only does this when in danger of overheating. I dumped water on his paws, back, and belly using his portable bowl and water from a water fountain. I gave him 10 minutes to cool off and then we slowly walked a half mile to the pond area where I let him cool off his legs some more. He seemed better so we took off at a sloooooow run to explore more of Alley Pond park. We ended up finding a kiddie sprinkler so I made him stand under it until we were both soaking wet & freezing! That water was sooo cold and refreshing. A few more minutes of walking and he was fine to continue the run back to the dog park area.

I really like doing the run from Cunningham to Alley Pond in the summer because the whole route is in almost complete shade under tall trees, the path is wide, and we pass someone every 20/30 seconds so it is very safe. Plus there are multiple areas with water for Zeke to cool off at. Here is Zeke at the playground looking hot, we took the cool off break here in some freshly mowed grass.

2014-09-04 10.06.31




2014-09-03 11.20.59and just because…I kitten sat again, here is one playing with Zeke’s rope toy!


~ by manicivy on September 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “Thursday’s 5.5 miler!”

  1. That’s good that Zeke lets you know when he’s getting too hot. I always joke that Kobi gets her superpowers back once she gets cooled off in the water. All my runs during the hot days have to be centred around where there is lots of watering holes.

  2. Sounds like a great run, and I love that Zeke knows when he’s getting a little toasty. My Millie does the same thing, except she’ll just come to a dead stop mid-run…which my arm holding the leash isn’t a huge fan of 😉 I’m looking forward to a little cooler weather to run in!

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