Wednesday’s Run

I planned on sleeping in today but after checking the weather, grabbed Zeke for a run. It was only 73 degrees and 66% humidty at 9AM! Compared to yesterday’s 79degrees and 80% humidity at 6 AM! We did just over 4 really enjoyable miles. I wanted to concentrate on my breathing technique today. ***

We ran 3 miles, took a brief roll on the baseball field, Zeke got the zoomies and then we did our quickest mile of the day back to home. I also am experimenting with different smoothies. Mine had applesauce, strawberries, raspberries, honey, kale, and greek yogurt. I tried to make one for zeke with egg, chicken broth and a little peanut butter but he was less than impressed.

about to roll!

about to roll!

smoothie time

smoothie time

***(Runner friends…does anyone have a severely deviated septum? I am usually a 100% mouth breather while running. Some people say this is ok but some say the “in through your nose out through your mouth” is much better. I did about half my run today in through my nose. Any time I sped up or hit a hill though I had to switch back to mouth breathing since I basically have only one working nostril and started to feel dizzy. My sinuses actually hurt with the effort of trying to suck in enough air. When I was able to do this though I did find myself running much more relaxed. hmph.)


~ by manicivy on September 3, 2014.

4 Responses to “Wednesday’s Run”

  1. I want that smoothie!

  2. I’d say if it hurts then breath through your mouth. I would think that as you increase your distance it will get easier and you may be able to do more “nose” breathing. I have one nostril that doesn’t work as well so I likely mouth breath a lot too, never really thought about it until now.

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