Thursday’s 5 miler: Cunningham to Alley Pond

I’m still not being super consistent with running. I’m getting out 3 or 4 times every week and that is good and something I have never done year-round before. But weekly mileage has ranged from 9-18 miles. I was hoping for 15-20 (12-15 w/zeke) throughout the summer. All well. I keep reminding myself I am not racing and this year was to really solidify running as a lifelong hobby. The only goals are to keep at it and have fun with it. This is only my 3rd year of running! I’ve got plenty of time to go long and get faster…right? /=  Fall’s cool temperatures are coming soon and I can’t wait to be able to head out the door whenever I want and not worry about heat/humidity.

I had Zeke cool off in this little pond area

I had Zeke cool off in this little pond area

I am proud that I have been sticking with dedicating Thursday as 5 miler day. Since Zeke has been getting blah with our beach runs I decided to head back to Cunningham Park. We’ve only done this run (on part of the Queen’s greenway) once before. Sure enough Zeke was psyched! In fact he got a little annoying. I can’t blame him, he loves the scenery change and so do I. We ran a paved roadway 2.5 miles from Cunningham park to Alley Pond park. We explored Alley pond a little bit and then ran the 2.5 back.

paved path at Alley Pond

paved path at Alley Pond

And I fell. Zeke had veered off to the wrong side of the road and I was hauling him back over (we share the road with cyclists) and I stopped paying attention to where my feet were going. I tripped over some uneven asphalt and fell down to my hands and knees…after turning my right ankle and feeling that wonderful crunch. Fortunately it seemed ok- I walked for a bit to make sure and while it felt like it needed to pop I was able to run back the whole way of the return trip. I slipped on ice 9 years ago and tore 2 ligaments in the same ankle-most painful injury of my life. Since then I have turned the same ankle 3x (all while running) but luckily the ligaments seems to have healed extra bend-y and have never tore again. Phew!

It took Zeke 3.5 miles to settle down and our last mile was a full minute faster than the 4 previous! Its so nice when you get a good rhythm. Of course, we wrapped it up with 30 minutes at the dog park where Zeke had a blast with some new friends.

Thatcher (laying down) and Maggie (blurry dog)

Thatcher (laying down) and Maggie (blurry dog)


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2 Responses to “Thursday’s 5 miler: Cunningham to Alley Pond”

  1. Zeke does look pretty psyched! Your fall sounds horrible. I hate falling. I hope your ankle is good and you didn’t scrape up too bad (whenever I fall I leave a lot of skin behind).

    • Thanks-that was the wierdest part-no scrape anywhere! For once i did something gracefully and it was the one minute where no one was around to witness it either

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