Bridge & Beach day

Finally had a day to spend a few hours having some fun with Zeke. We ditched our usual running route and drove out to the beach for our “run, dog park, run/walk, dip in the ocean” outing. It was a little warm/humid out at the end so we ran about 3.5miles and walked about 2.

Views from the bridge part of the run:

big doggie grin!

big doggie grin!

NYC in the background!

NYC in the background!

We were pleasantly surprised to see some new agility equipment at the dog park! There were also some kind of mosquito repellant machines in 2 spots-never seen them before, they didn’t seem to be working because I got bit up even with spray on!

2 different jumps, a platform and a run-thru tube

2 different jumps, a platform and a run-thru tube

Zeke did all of them except the very highest of the hoop jumps-I’ll need treats for that one. 

He slowed down a lot on the way back to the car (very warm and humid) so we walked some. The water fountain I had planned on refilling at wasn’t working, so we had to wait until the car to get more water. To make sure he was cooling down I blasted the AC and we stopped for a dip in the ocean where he promptly ran in and swam. Definitely no fear of the water anymore! It was a really fun morning.


~ by manicivy on August 21, 2014.

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