The Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Another product review! I realized I’ve been ranking things “x” out of 5 paws and realized that doesn’t really make sense- it should be 4 paws! 5 paws mean there is an extra one hanging out somewhere and that would just look funny.

I have a mixed review for this one so I’m going to start out and say I give it 3 out 4 paws as a product. For me and Zeke personally, I would only give it 2 paws. I was really excited because they market this harness as an “all day adventure harness”. I had high hopes we could use it hiking, running, walking, etc. and he could wear it all day and be comfortable.


  • The harness is offered in an array of colors
  • very sturdily built
  • great price
  • easy to clean
  • two points of attachment: chest and back clip
  • hidden pocket for dog tags or some money
  • reflective pieces
  • adjustable
  • padding under the buckles


  • sizing
  • placement of the belly straps


I think the reason it didn’t work for us is Zeke is an oddly shaped dog. He has a large head, very long, tapered neck and a deep chest. He has a longish body, I sometimes refer to him as my stretch-limo dog. All of the pictures on ruffwear and the reviews of people who have used the harness, are dogs with very short hair and more compact body shapes. Zeke’s chest is right at 32 inches which is the upper extreme of the medium size and the lowest extreme of the larger size. I opted for the medium size which fit snugly but not uncomfortably around his chest. I did have a slight issue with the straps fitting right in his armpit area-even with the padding it seemed to dig in a bit. His neck fitting is where it got tricky- in order to get it over his big head I had to let out the adjustable straps, once it was over I had to tighten them back up. (Even then, it would flap away from his body every time he took a step. )So, basically, I had to adjust it every time I put it on and took it off. The whole point of this harness was to minimize adjustments, not add to them! We usually use the EZ walk harness, but he has outgrown the need for the extra control. He behaves well enough for a regular back clip harness. I don’t want to keep him in the EZ walk since it clips at the front of his chest and the leash bangs against his front legs constantly while walking/running. Oddly enough, the best fitting harness so far we’ve found is the Petco brand seatbelt harness! I was hoping for something a little more minimal than this one, but it works great so we will keep using that and experimenting with new ones.

I still love Ruffwear and I think this harness is great for dogs with a more regular shape-if you have an odd mix of a dog though, you may need to try something else!

2014-08-20 10.01.53

71vJMvV6KlL._SL1500_ 2014-08-20 10.02.21

You can see why it didn’t fit Zeke properly, the deepest part of the chest in the sizing picture is shown to be right after the front legs, but for Zeke it’s a good 2 inches behind! And because of his long neck, it pulled the chest straps forward into his legs.

At least we tried it! Wonder if it would be worth it to try the large size…


~ by manicivy on August 20, 2014.

9 Responses to “The Ruffwear Front Range Harness”

  1. I’ve bought 2 things from Ruffwear, both have been great. Once was the roamer leash, it worked till Doggy chewed on the elastic part.
    But my greatest acquisition without a doubt was the backpack, bought it over 2 years ago and I’m sure if I wash it it’d look like new.

    • My friend’s roamer leash was destroyed when another dog bit the leash; he contacted RuffWear & they gave him a 1/2 off coupon to replace it. We use the roamer leash. I wish I had gotten the shorter one, and my dog is short so the handle near the clip isn’t very easy to grab. But I love it. We run together a lot!

  2. Hi, I would say that this harness is definitely too small for your dog, and think it could be worth trying a larger size.

    If you do try another size, I would be interested to see how it fits.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the comment. I actually corresponded with a Ruffwear rep (even sending pictures!) and after some adjustments had it fitting correctly. The rep said the medium or the large would fit him. I still wasn’t happy with the harness itself though- slides to one side with a little bit of leash pressure. I feel bad saying that because I love every other one of their products & think they have great customer service. I’m just not a fan of this particular harness.

  3. RuffWear is from Bend! (I almost said “made in Bend” but that would be a lie!) But HQ is here in Bend – dog city, USA! How do I get my blog to snow?

    • I love Ruffwear, I’m currently debating getting their Singletrak backpack for Zeke, but its so expensive, but I know it will last. I’ll think on it a bit more. I’d love to visit Bend one day, I’ve been to Portland & I do have family on the east edge of Oregon. It is such a beautiful state.
      For the snow, look under Settings. I stumbled across it when I was changing the blog name, it only lasts a few more days though.

      • I can’t stop singing Summer in the City by Lovin’ Spoonful (except it’s “hot town, sled dog in the city”)..

  4. Thanks for the review. Currently debating between the ruffwear front range and the kurgo pinnacle harness. I’ve a very active puppy who likes holes and long walks but is a puller at least 50% of the time bc he’s so energetic and excited. I plan on getting the freedom no pull as well but wanted something made for more outdoor active play with front leash no pull control

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