Manchester Dog Park

Zeke and I are excited to do a review of the Manchester Dog Park, located in Manchester, Vermont. I found it online prior to our camping trip; I was looking for a dog park within 30mins. of our campsite and this was the only one I could find. The dog park is located within the larger Manchester Park which has everything from ball fields, to a pool, to walking/running trails. We stopped here briefly at the beginning of our trip home to let Zeke stretch his legs before the 4 hour car ride.

Mid-day was obviously the off-time to go as there was only one other dog there. The park was easy to find and there was ample parking. Waste bags were provided, though, if I remember correctly,  you had to bring your own water. The park was all grass with standard fencing. It was rectangular shaped, with a separate small dog area and another, smaller area, I’m guessing for aggressive dogs or dogs needing a time out. I was surprised at the small size, considering the surrounding park is so large. I did see a few people with their dogs off leash on the ball fields and one lady told us of a nearby lake her dog swims in. The dog park must be more of a social place for dogs rather than one to exercise them at.

Zeke gives the park 3 out of 5 paws. It was clean, pretty, and did its job. We will keep searching for that perfect dog park (although the one in Pennsylvania, FOUND HERE, came close!)

IMG_3291 IMG_3295


~ by manicivy on July 31, 2014.

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