Most Enjoyable Run in Awhile

I’m off from work today but set my alarm for 6:30 anyway. It was supposed to be a cool morning and I wanted to be up and running by 7. So, of course, by 8:00 I was up and running! But it was still only 68 degrees & only 60% humidity! I set out to do around 5 easy miles. The goal was to just be out for a while enjoying the weather and not stressing about the details. I really wanted Zeke to have a good time and enjoy a nice lazy run. We ended up at 4.7 miles & our pace was about 11:30. I am quite pleased that this is our easy, take it slow pace now as it used to be my average pace a year ago!

(Runner friends- question for you. I’ve noticed when I’m running I tend to look almost straight down at my feet while I run- I think a remnant of days when I had to worry about Zeke tripping me. I’m sure this is bad form-today I forced myself to keep my head up more and look ahead about 3-4 feet and seemed to feel more comfortable the entire run. How far ahead should I be looking? Thanks)

We had some interesting events occur while out, here is the “run” down.

1. Right as we started running, a cyclist, ON THE SIDEWALK, nearly ran us over and spooked Zeke as he tried to pass in the grass to the left of us. I yelled at him that he should call out so we could hear him coming as there were lots of cars and noise. His response was to RING HIS BIKE BELL. What an ass! He had a bell and didn’t even use it- So I screamed “Yea, do THAT next time asshole.” made me angry because it happens soooo often…

2. Part of our usual run is around the cemetery and the cemetery landscapers are getting to know us. They know I pick up after Zeke, which they appreciate, once even taking the baggie from me! and they always stop mowing or move their equipment out of the way so we can go by. It is nice to say a “good morning” and smile at people-such a simple thing. I know I wouldn’t be nearly so friendly if I didn’t have Zeke & his huge doggie-grinning face with me and I am grateful for that.

3. We met at least 3 different female puppies in the park that Zeke bounded up to, promptly throwing himself onto his back in front of them, and allowing them to pounce on him and bite his ears. It was heart-meltingly adorable.

4. Some Department of Transportation guys were up in their crane buckets painting the street lights and blaring their stereo while they worked. The Robin Thicke song “Blurred Lines” came on while Zeke and I waited at the crosswalk for the light to change. They started singing to us and dancing in their buckets holding their paintbrushes! I’m not sure how I feel about their song choice, but it was really funny so I waved.


Zeke and I can’t wait for 60 degrees every morning!!! What a fabulous run.


~ by manicivy on July 30, 2014.

4 Responses to “Most Enjoyable Run in Awhile”

  1. #3 so cute!

  2. You did encounter a lot of interesting events in 4.7 miles. Sounds like an exciting place to run (minus the cyclist). When I’m running trails I look about 3-4 feet in front of me and down to avoid tripping and to plan where my feet are going to go. When I’m on a flat surface I look ahead mostly (as I’m scouting for wildlife and other potential issues that Kobi might get herself into or I’m just looking for Kobi in general). I’d say try to keep your neck in a neutral position and look more forward unless you need to look down for tripping hazards.

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