Zeke’s Skittishness…oh, wait! What skittishness?

Some very interesting developments have occurred dealing with Zeke’s skittish behavior during evening walks. Once we came back from camping in Vermont, it seems to have disappeared! Apparently, dogs need vacations too. It’s like his mindset reset, if that makes sense. Of course, there were a lot of changes that all occurred at that time as well.
I think the biggest impact has been running with Zeke in the morning. We stick to 2-4 milers 4x a week in the AM. Zeke is a lazy morning dog. I think exercising him while he is already calm helps to keep him calm later in the day. Whatever anxieties that were showing up in the PM walks seem to diminish if he is adequately exercised BEFORE they occur.
I’ve also wrote in other posts that due to my job change Zeke has markedly less time alone now and he gets more frequent walks. In the past month I have seen only 2 evening walks where I would deem him “skittish.” And, interestingly, it was days where I had to rush out in the morning and he only got a quick, 15 minute walk.
I had noted that his anxieties appeared to stem from certain smells, especially barbecue days. Well, we ran often last week and did a morning run on July 4th; what do ya know- when I walked him in the evening, I was EXPECTING him to be skittish and he surprised me by behaving absolutely normally.
All this time I thought he was an evening running dog. He runs faster and pulls harder in the evening but I guess it was just because he was anxious and had too much pent up energy. Calm, albeit slower, morning runs seems to be more his thing at least in the summertime. Once it gets cooler out we will canicross in the evening more AND do morning runs! & build up some milage… Until then we are keeping a good base up and taking advantage of the cool mornings.

sleeping in the tent-we're going camping again soon!

sleeping in the tent-we’re going camping again soon!


~ by manicivy on July 7, 2014.

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