Article on Running with Dogs Wearing Front Clip Harnesses

Article on Running with Dogs Wearing Front Clip Harnesses

This article was posted for discussion on Reddit’s Running With Dogs group. I know of many people that use front clip harnesses while running their dogs, myself included. It seems to have been a very limited study with no real explanation of how the study was done. But, I guess it is something to consider and be aware of. I used Zeke’s back clip harness today to see if I noticed a difference in his gait and I admit he did seem to move his legs more freely. However, I think it is way more important for a dog to exercise than not, and I hope this article doesn’t deter anyone (with a strong dog that needs the control a front clip harness provides) from running with their dogs. Now that Zeke is older and has had time to be trained properly I have the luxury of trying different types of gear to run with him. Owners with younger, more excitable dogs may not have that option and, personally, I think it is fine to use this harness until your dog responds better to you. What do you guys think?


~ by manicivy on July 2, 2014.

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