Zeke’s Vocabulary

I’ve wondered for awhile now how many words Zeke has learned to recognize, it seems like a lot. Most of them are commands where he will do something just by hearing the word. Some are paired with a basic word, like “go” to something (Mommy or grandma) but by hearing that second word he differentiates which I’m asking for. A few elicit a response of either excitement (cookie!) or searching, sniffing (where’s your toy). I’ve decided to make a list and then maybe once I know what he knows he can learn a few more! Here it is:

  1. Zeke
  2. puppy (he answers to this too)
  3. come
  4. sit
  5. stay
  6. leave it
  7. up (depending on the situation- either jumping up onto something or going from a lay down to a stand)
  8. down lay down
  9. left turning in these directions while running/walking
  10. right
  11. easy slow down while walking/running
  12. stop
  13. wait (to differentiate from a stay, wait is given when I will eventually call him over to me or give him permission to greet a dog, etc.
  14. go ahead the release from a wait
  15. straight go straight at an intersection
  16. mush go faster!
  17. come on/this way changing direction while in motion
  18. over lay on your side
  19. BANG his bang, you’re dead! performance
  20. paw gives first paw
  21. other paw other paw from the first one given
  22. high five
  23. other high five
  24. double high five both paws hit my hands
  25. speak
  26. soft speak quiet bark
  27. tongue will lick his lips
  28. kiss licks our face or hand
  29. mommy
  30. daddy
  31. grandma
  32. grandpa
  33. bring it usually a toy, he’ll pick it up and bring it to us
  34. go sniff his release from walking to go sniff a tree or bush
  35. no
  36. go see grandma run up the stairs to my moms part of the house
  37. cookie
  38. dinner
  39. breakfast
  40. D I N N E R yea…he learned to spell dinner
  41. spin clockwise
  42. reverse counterclockwise spin
  43. ball
  44. where’s your toy will search around the room for it
  45. foot lift the foot we’re touching- he’ll do all 4
  46. sidewalk if walking in the street he’ll jump on the sidewalk
  47. ok another release word when he looks to me to ask to do something
  48. take it putting a toy or the mail in his mouth
  49. crate will immediately go in the crate
  50. good boy
  51. off off the furniture
  52. follow
  53. through going through something, either the crawl pipe at the agility course or through my legs while playing
  54. jump over something or straight up in the air
  55. look getting his attention
  56. tug (with a tug toy will pull harder)
  57. retrieve
  58. sit up holding both paws in the air
  59. water go drink
  60. find it when doing scent work
  61. go play go mingle with the dogs and stop staying by our side at the dog park!
  62. toss when playing our basketball game he will throw the ball to me
  63. heel will come and stand/sit right behind us
  64. get it go chase the squirrel or other dog
  65. sientate– he knows the spanish word for sit too

~ by manicivy on June 27, 2014.

6 Responses to “Zeke’s Vocabulary”

  1. Zeke is pretty smart. You’ve done such an awesome job with him. I like how he knows how to spell “dinner”.

    • I’ve tried to throw him off too by putting it in a sentence like, “Doug, what do you want for d.I.n.n.e.r tonight?” & Zeke will get up from a dead sleep and run to his dinner spot (;

  2. That’s a lot of words! Now I want to write down how many words Reggie knows (I don’t think it’s that many!). It’s funny that someone else uses “paw” and “other paw” too instead of “shake” – Reggie knows the same thing! Zeke is a smart boy!!

    • I bet Reggie knows a lot of words! I used “paw” because with sea lion training we use “flipper”…it just made sense (;

  3. This is super cute – I love Zeke!!

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