Introducing Your Dog to a Cat

Isn’t this what always happens? You decide to STOP looking for a 2nd dog and you find a kitten instead! That’s what I’ve been dealing with the past few days (;

2014-06-21 15.33.40

Here is the story…one day at work, a coworker notices a tiny kitten in the shaded grass behind the farm area of the zoo. A teeny tiny kitten! About 3-4 weeks old. All black. Mewing softly, not very active. At first we thought it was a stray and the mom cat might return for it, so we left it and checked on it. We found out through a member of the public that someone had dropped off a box of kittens in the parking lot of the park where the zoo is. And this little one just happened to wander my way. What an idiot to drop off a box of kittens in a PARKING LOT on a busy weekend. *sigh* Noone immediately wanted the kitten so I said what the hell and bought him home. Doug is a cat lover and has tons of experience with kittens and I had bottle fed one before while kitten sitting for a friend. We drove out that night to a Petco to get some kitten formula and an appropriate sized bottle. The little kitty was HUNGRY.

2014-06-22 18.52.12

Zeke, of course, was less than thrilled. I have a lead on a home but couldn’t contact the person until yesterday. They need some time to think about/discuss it. In the meantime we came up with a few different scenarios. 1) this person takes the kitten. If they don’t, 2) we keep the kitty until its a little older and bring it to a shelter 3) through some kind of miracle Zeke falls in love with it and we can keep it. I really have no idea how this will play out. So in the meantime we are carefully introducing the kitten and Zeke (just in case!) and enjoying playing with the kitten. I am not a cat person, but damn this kitty is C U T E. Still not sure if its a boy or girl. I wanted to name it Blackberry because its black and there was a blackberry bush near where we found it. Doug named it Snack Pack because we joke that if Zeke eats it, its only a snack sized meal. Of course, Snack Pack stuck.

2014-06-22 18.53.07

The majority of the time if we bring the kitten out to explore we crate Zeke. If the kitten is sleeping on the couch or bed with us then Zeke is pretty calm about it. Its when the kitten runs or meows that he goes into the “scarily excited” zone. So I took the advice of THIS ASPCA ARTICLE and my Aunt Kathy (who has 3 dogs, a cat, bird, and ferret that all live peacefully together) and am doing supervised, leashed intros with  lots of treats. If it doesn’t work it is still good practice and we will find the kitten a home. And if it does work….




~ by manicivy on June 24, 2014.

9 Responses to “Introducing Your Dog to a Cat”

  1. I hope Zeke gets along with the kitten 😛 I’m wasn’t sure about two dogs but I heard cats are relatively independent and low maintenance… 😉

  2. I bet Zeke will settle in with Snack Pack (you’ve named it, therefore you’re going to keep it). Kobi loves our cat Kato. We just really had to watch her when he was tiny as she would get all crazy when he ran and was just so small we were worried she’d damage him. They play like best buddies now.

  3. Hope it will all work out. And such a cute kitten ❤

  4. Aww, what happened to the rest of the kittens then? Well at least if you don’t keep him/her, both the kitten and Zeke have had the experience which may come in useful in the future 🙂

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