Zeke Met His Cousin, DeeDee

Well, Doug and I decided to stop actively looking for a 2nd dog for right now. But in a sudden turn of events, my sister’s boyfriend got a boxer puppy. They’ve had her about a month and she is 4 months now. Unfortunately she came from a pet store…(yea…we tried to talk him out of it but that’s a whole other story). But I think the lesson was learned in the end because she was sold to him with pneumonia. So she ended up in the vet clinic for over a week and came close to dying. Now she may have respiratory issues for the rest of her life.  And then she broke her leg when a leaf blower scared her and she ran off. Trust me I am upset about the whole turn of events but, Its an opportunity to teach someone, who might not have otherwise used positive reinforcement, to use gentler, more positive training techniques. My sister and I are doing our best to show that the “old school” way of “training” doesn’t work in the long run.

DeeDee is really cute though. She has a lot to learn from other dogs though, since she hasn’t been exposed much to them due to all of her vet visits. *sigh* We introduced Zeke to her the other day, it was INTERESTING.

They met at my Mom’s house-pretty neutral territory. Deedee ran up to Zeke snarling and barking, he gave one loud WOOF and turned around and walked away. haha. She did everything she could to mess with him, nipping, jumping, barking, growling, and Zeke ignored her or would snap and bark and she would immediately sit down or back off. My sister and her boyfriend were thrilled that Zeke is a patient yet firm teacher. She needs to learn how to act around other dogs and I’m glad they came to us since they have to be careful with what dogs she interacts with. Their neighborhood has a LOT of untrained, intact, aggressive, apartment dogs. I’m glad they recognize that who she plays with now will affect how she reacts to dogs in the future.


~ by manicivy on June 18, 2014.

3 Responses to “Zeke Met His Cousin, DeeDee”

  1. Zeke is such a good role model!

  2. Good job, Zeke! I love when big dogs give just one bark and walk away, it cracks me up.

  3. I thought, oh no! When I read about Deedee, but the nice work by Zeke made the ending positive for me. 😛 SO good job, Zeke!

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