Zeke Turns 4 Today!!!

Zeke Turns 4 Today!!!

Celebrated last night with an hour long stay at the beach dog run. Today we did an evening 2 mile canicross run. A few extra treats, a good brushing, and lots of love! I can’t believe he is an “adult” dog now. He is the best first dog a person could ask for. Happy birthday Zeke!


~ by manicivy on June 1, 2014.

9 Responses to “Zeke Turns 4 Today!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Zeke!!

  2. Happy birthday!!!!!

  3. What a cutie, Happy Birthday Zeke 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday, handsome boy! Aggie says she hopes you have lots of cookies!

  5. Happy birthday Zeke! A very handsome photo too…Reggie might be jealous 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a ‘pawsome’ day!

  7. Happy Birthday, Zeke!

  8. thank you everyone!

  9. Happy belated birthday Zeke!! But aren’t dogs adult before 4?? 😛

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