I’m Really Thankful…

-That although Zeke is skittish at times, he could care less about a HUGE thunderstorm passing right over the house with the doors and windows open

-That he is super easy to medicate-I wrap his two pills in half a slice of deli turkey and he just swallows it

-That he responds to & doesn’t seem to mind when Doug calls him his new nickname “Lyme-y”  =P

-That he doesn’t mind carrying our water and my cell phone while running





~ by manicivy on May 23, 2014.

5 Responses to “I’m Really Thankful…”

  1. Zeke has such a nice pace on the leash! That is a great idea to have him carry your phone and water. I’m so grateful Kobi isn’t afraid of thunderstorms either. She barks when she hears thunder sometimes, but that’s it.

  2. That is a big thing to be thankful for – the lack of thunder phobia.

  3. Zeke is such a good runner!

  4. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for!

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