Good Thing Zeke Was Tested for Lyme..

…the test came back positive )= He also tested positive for Anaplasmosis, another tick borne disease. He has zero symptoms right now. From what I’ve read the majority of dogs don’t show symptoms ever and/or may not show symptoms for weeks to months after being exposed. Our vet has recommended treatment with doxycycline for 3 weeks (possibly an additional week if needed). I guess dogs exposed to 2 or more tick diseases are more likely to show symptoms at some point. I am glad we caught it so early because apparently treating before symptoms occur is usually the most effective way.

Initially I was really upset; I applied Frontline Plus to his skin 2 weeks before our trip. We diligently checked him over for days after. I also wonder if he could be testing positive after being exposed at another time.  From reading some online articles, he could also be a carrier of the disease but not necessarily get sick from it.  So many questions! All in all, treating him now can do a lot of good and has just about zero side effects. (Other than the money- $200 for treatment.) But, it could be worse.

I know I did everything to prevent this from happening. Talking to Doug always makes me feel better because he pointed out there is no other option-Zeke LOVES going camping, LOVES hiking. We can’t just NOT take him. He is his happiest when chasing a ball in a field, scrambling down a mountain, sniffing in some reeds by a lake. He is a lover of the outdoors and this is the risk. Funnily enough, today I booked a 3 night get away next month to go camping in Vermont again!

These were the 2 sites I found most helpful with info on Lyme & Anaplasmosis:

Lyme info

Anaplasmosis info

I asked our vet about supplements for Zeke’s joints (he was very pleased to hear that Zeke runs with me!) and he said if he recommended anything it would be fish oil, one human dose, per day, but that it wasn’t really needed at this time. He left it up to me. I’m going to see how expensive it would be and then decide.

Oh! And we STILL don’t have the car back =P So Zeke & I will be walk/running to the dog park today since the poor guy hasn’t been in a week!


~ by manicivy on May 22, 2014.

12 Responses to “Good Thing Zeke Was Tested for Lyme..”

  1. Oh poor Zeke! It’s great that you tested him. We know lots of dogs in CT that have had both those tick borne diseases and are just fine after treatment.

    We use to give Sam fish oil for her joints (no problems, just a preventative) and it made her SUPER gassy. So we switched to coconut oil and she loves it.

    • oh thank you for telling me that! I know its not that big of a deal but I’m so worried and bummed about it )=
      That’s right you did mention the coconut oil before, I will look into that also. Gassy dogs are NOT fun.

  2. It’s not you, it’s stupid ticks! I double up on tick products and both my boys have been exposed (Jake was prior to me getting him but still, it happens). Melvin has had two bouts of symptoms and Doxy cleared it up both times, we just finished the round of Doxy for the 2nd flair up. It’s tres expensive, but worthy every pill!!!

    • Thank you for that! I’m glad to hear that Melvin (i love that name btw) is getting relief from the Doxy. what tick products do you use?

      • Jake (the bulldog) gets Vectra and tick/flea wipes; Melvin (the lab) has severe allergies and can only tolerate Revolution and I double that up with the one tick collar that doesn’t give him a rash, Virbac.

  3. Possible that Zeke was exposed by his prior owner?

    • could be…when he lived in Texas he was out in a yard 24/7. Have you heard of lyme being prevalent in Texas? I’ve read articles that say its rare and others that say its increasing.

  4. You’re a great mom to Zeke and he’s so blessed to have you.
    Thanks for sharing Doug’s insight. Last summer, Aggie had to be treated with Doxycycline for a form of pre-Lyme. I was scared for a while. I thought about keeping her house bound. I agree, we can’t stop them from having a good life, which includes being exposed to some awful stuff.

  5. I sometimes skip a month of two with Frontline since I never found ticks on Donna… but maybe I shouldn’t be so careless after all. I’m glad you guys found out about Zeke early. I’m sure it helps!

  6. Don’t know whether you’ve already decided about the fish oil. Just thought I’d add my 2 bits worth: With our vet’s blessing, I’ve been giving our pugs fish oil capsules for years, same as humans take — in fact, we share a bottle. They haven’t made any of us gassy, so it probably depends on the individual. Fish oil also is said to be good for the heart and skin, so there are other benefits.
    Best wishes regarding Zeke — and thank you for checking out my blog about my pugs.
    Maija (my-uh)

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