Vet Visit

Today was Zeke’s vet visit to have his annual heartworm test. It didn’t quite go as planned…I found a tick (already engorged) on Zeke’s neck yesterday. Boooo  )= I was able to remove it and put rubbing alcohol on the wound site. Unfortunately it was a deer tick and we were in PA where lyme is rampant. (We checked him over multiple times after we came home from our trip. It is possible we either missed it, or he picked it up elsewhere-dog park?) As soon as we got in the exam room (after much bucking, bolting, whining and general freaking out by Zeke) we discussed with the vet what to do. 

As usual, I LOVE my vet. Dr. Kwasnik is absolutely amazing and hope I never have to bring Zeke to another vet. He wrote down the 4 basic lyme symptoms to watch out for:

  1. swelling at the site or presence of the “bullseye” circle around the site
  2. fever & general blah-ness
  3. lameness
  4. increased thirst and urination

Dr. Kwasnik then said that it would be cheaper for me to wait to do the heartworm test in 2 weeks when they can check for lyme and other tick-related diseases all at the same time, instead of doing the heartworm test now & lyme test on another day. It would take 2 weeks for the lyme to show up in Zeke’s bloodstream. In the meantime he said to look out for the 4 symptoms and if Zeke presents with any, to take him to the office immediately and we will start him on antibiotics. He did not charge us for the consultation.

I really love that vet. He put my mind at ease, saved me money, and told me what I need to know in order to be vigilant about my dog’s health. Of course, Zeke may not even have been exposed to lyme and will be absolutely fine, but ticks and lyme disease are something I don’t want to mess around with. He did have his dose of Frontline plus 2 weeks before our trip-so I’m not sure why it didn’t work with this tick, but I suppose not everything is 100% effective all of the time.  We did pick off about 10 that were either crawling or just attached on him. I also realize I’m probably being a little overly-worried about this; there are plenty of yard dogs that live in lyme heavy areas that get along just fine, either with preventatives or prompt treatment, but I’m a city-girl and it freaks me out!

I’m hoping that since Zeke had to go into the vet exam room but got a free pass on the exam itself that maybe it will create a slightly less negative vibe the next time we go. As soon as we exited I gave him a nice big piece of a food treat. He really does freak out in the office, even trying to climb through the windows so maybe it will ease his mind just a little bit next time. I can hope!


~ by manicivy on May 5, 2014.

8 Responses to “Vet Visit”

  1. Does Zeke get a Lyme vaccine? I hate finding ticks on Sam.

    • no, I haven’t gotten it for him since it’s not found in our area. He’s only exposed when we go camping or to Long Island. The vet said the odds of him having a reaction to the vaccine are greater than him contracting it the few days a month we’re away. Frontline has always worked before /=

  2. Ugh! We are mid-treatment with Melvin for the second time! Hoping the symptoms don’t show up!

  3. Ticks are just gross! Sounds like there is a low chance he was exposed to Lyme disease and you guys seem so diligent in keeping him safe. Kobi totally freaks at the vet office too. She got scared once a while ago and is just petrified now. She has a great vet (4 hours away) and I’m so thankful he’s so patient with her. I wish the one that had freaked her out early on had been a bit more patient with her.

  4. Hope it’s not lyme!

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