Battlefield Bed & Breakfast review


If you’re into history…

The Battlefield Bed and Breakfast is located on 30 acres of farmland originally owned by Cornelius Houtelin (sp?). We were told by local historians that this farmland is not only on the battlefield of Gettysburg but was the location of the very last skirmishes and that the barn (still standing from 1809!) was used as a field hospital to treat the wounded and dying soldiers. There is even more history to it than that but I don’t want to give away all of their secrets!

IMG_2600The barn is now used for special events, especially weddings, although we got to go inside to take a look around. There is a “honeymoon suite” under the farm in the old tack room where the original ceiling beams and tack poles (where saddles were hung) still remain.

IMG_2594The house, (the original stone house located on the left) was built in 1807! We stayed on the first floor of the original house in what was the kitchen, but now is called the Graham’s Artillery bedroom. It has the original chestnut floors, ceiling beams & dirt cellar! The right part of the house was added on later, obviously to accomodate more guests, but each room is themed with information about a specific Gettysburg battle event.

This is believed to be the last original unpaved road of the time of the Gettysburg battle:

IMG_2632(which you drive down to get to the B&B)

This B&B is COMPLETELY dog friendly. No extra fees, they have nature trails specifically made to walk your dog around, & what amazed me the most was their dog policy. The lady who checked us in wanted to meet Zeke and asked us to clean up after him, but that was it! Dogs are allowed in any room, can go up to the farm animals (Zeke made friends with the horse), are allowed off-leash or on, & there were no specific rules on leaving your dog unattended in your room. We bought his crate thinking it would be safer, but ended up not needing it and were able to leave him loose in the room with no problems. There were at least 4 other guests there with their dogs during our stay. All seemed friendly & we were all courteous to avoid each other in narrow hallways. Zeke met two of the dogs up close and everyone got along. Every morning I would put Zeke on his long leash in the backyard for some running to tire him out:



There is also a sizable pond which Zeke enjoyed exploring!

The rooms were immaculately clean (surprising for  a dog friendly place!) & a homestyle breakfast was made every morning where everyone sits together like a family:

2014-04-23 11.10.15

There are LOTS of farm cats. Beware if your dog is as cat-crazy as Zeke is, but I think there were just so many that he didn’t know which one to go after! The only trouble I had was when one cat was on the porch trying to come inside, but luckily the B&B has 2 exits and the cats mostly congregate at the front, so we just walked around! Farm cat:


We really REALLY enjoyed our stay here. I should mention the price was moderate, rooms start at about 185 a night. And you have so many more things to do than at a chain hotel! We are planning another visit in the  fall so we can finish our Gettysburg battlefield tour.



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2 Responses to “Battlefield Bed & Breakfast review”

  1. That sounds fantastic. We have only ever stayed in chain hotels with Sam when passing through. I have never thought of taking a vacation to somewhere that dog friendly.

  2. It’d be so great if more places allowed dogs. We often choose to not go somewhere if we can’t bring Aggie. I’m glad you had a good trip!
    Great post!

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